This is so colourful. A line of thought that is inside every person and many people say that we all are the same. Well Written, and Friends are awesome.


I’ve had different close friends at different stages of my life. Some of these friends may be friends for ever and some of them seasonal and some that came like butterflies and left.

But I also have different kind of friends in the same era, as in, each friend who has prominent characteristics. And I share a unique bond with each of them.

Most of them will understand to which of these categories they belong to. They could even belong to a combination of these.

Friends who make a differenceThese include friends whose opinions matter to me. Friends who “advice”, without making it seem like it. Friends who’re there for me, when they feel I need them the most, especially if it is to get past a rough patch or if I’m headed the wrong way.

Friends who make me feel good- Friends I hang out with, not…

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