Corporate infinity and beyond.

A very good whatever to whenever you happen to read this. I have no pre-blog announcements to make, so I’m gonna get right to the point. These are thoughts that happen to clutter my head and make me wonder “Did I study all through Teenage, college and at that young age for this?”
Firstly what’s with the huge words when someone starts talking. I’ve been working in a cubicle for over 2 years. I always knew that there was a serious “Aura” about a corporate office. But ever since I started reading George Carlin I happened to realize the amount of words that are used, misused & overused whenever someone talks for no reason is abundant. I was at a meeting and there was this person, very high in the corporate grid, and by that I mean he was my manager [I mean he is so high if he spits, I’ll be seeing showers] and his speech goes like this.
“Gentlemen, I’ve been noticing the behavioral tendencies of certain individuals. There have been numerous situations when an individual has had the chance to step up and show the capacity to take up responsibility. I’ve seen that a few people refuse to participate in the happenings of the process. I want to indicate that priorities are of utmost importance in our field and the proactive initiative is the first prerogative. There will not be any tolerance in putting up with bad behavior or complacency. Furthermore there is a project that we will be commencing here on and the monitoring procedure will take effect the next working day

Now, wasn’t that just some stupid usage of big words.
If I were the manager at this place and I say the same that the above person mentioned, I would have said

“Hi Folks, someone is not doing justice to their work. I want all to know that you are being watched and for your own sake, do well.”
The words put together such as behavioral tendencies is just plain old dumb. The next sentence is not even required. The line “I want to indicate that priorities are of importance in our field.” is like the 6th rule of Einstein. Really! I don’t even want to complete interpreting the rest of the speech. They use English so badly that they even use politically correct words. Handicapped is differently-abled. Short men are Inch Deficient. Blind are visually challenged. Deaf are audibly challenged. And Fat people are MacDonald Challenged. I don’t know why do people take out the meaning of the real word. I have lots to talk about. So you better read again.



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