Say Hello to my little friend

There are these awkward moments that happen with me because I’m smaller in size than others. I studied in a boy school. I remember being the jester of the class too. The Class clown would have been me if we ever had one. I remember this one time when I got into a fight. When I was back in school, I was comparatively microscopic. Figuratively. This hefty boy started picking on me and he started to throw his weight around. [Thank God I didn’t catch any]. Everyone started to round up as if the next “Rocky” is in the making. But I know that I’m no hero. I’m not that guy who would defeat a fat guy and get acclaim. I used to be the most active kid around. Dances, Debates, Drama, school band those were my cups and saucers of tea, if you may.


                I took a minute and I thought of an escape route. I was the kinda kid who would get pretty out of control if I were in a hostage situation. It’s very difficult to tie me down if I decide to fight it. I stood straight like a young man, and looked right into his collarbone. Then looked up and told him

Dude, seriously, I am not your enemy. 

We’ve been classmates for 8 long years”. [I was a very small Tony Montana in action].

I then bent down and grabbed his ankles and tugged them as hard as I can. Down came the mountain and all I remember now is a thud and me running as hard as I could with laughter and mockery fading in the distance.

                My life is filled with awkward moments. When you see certain moments that you don’t want to be a part of, you wave as they pass by. But you always see awkward moments and they get to you, no matter how hard you try. We were once in class after regular hours for a special exam preparation and some nut headed student was swearing at the top of his voice. I did not pay much attention at his voice. Then very quickly he swore out things about his friend’s immediate family and its whereabouts.

I suddenly hear the class erupting in laughter and hysterical laughter that makes you join in. The sad thing about this event is that when I quietly wanted to ask my friend “What happened”, ironically the class’s laughter just died. My very good friend’s remark “Dude, you were laughing without knowing what happened”, brought the laughter back to life. I’ve always had humour in my life. It’s either by my side, or staring in my face laughing at me. Probably that’s the reason I laugh when someone makes a joke about me. Or why I suck at hitting on girls and flirting. 🙂


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