I’m sorry Sir, but “it IS free right?”

Hey there! This is one of the many times when I will be mentioning my brother on this blog. Tarun Chugani is my elder brother who is reserve, quiet, friendly, humble and simple and a perfect corporate employee. None of which I would add to my attributes. He is my support and he thinks so much for me. I get along with him really good, just for every now and then when there’s a “Difference of Fifa scores”.

The reason I wanted to write this blog is I remembered that I work with my brother in the same company. Now that’s not what everybody gets to do. We joined an MNC together on 16th June 2010. We both went through the rounds and got through. Now let me paint you a picture about my brother and graffiti about myself. As I said reserve, quiet, friendly, humble and simple and a perfect corporate employee. So my brother is a regular nice guy. Climbing the corporate ladder and being successful is definitely on his agenda. Now here comes the messed up part. He goes to the office with a brother who is a gallivanting, hyperactive, disturbed, distracted excited guy who thinks he can dance.

Now that’s not a pretty sight when your brother is walking all proper and patiently and being the nice guy in the office, and you are this guy people say “hey, what do you eat for breakfast?” “Duracell?”

The very first day my brother was excited but he would be subtle about it. You could see it in his eyes that he respected and was happy to be in an office rather than being in his home town. Our first day together is a memory which is not going to fade for a long time. We walked into the office campus and looked at the 14 storey building and I thought, “Wow! How long did it take to build this one?”  My brother had the look in his eyes that said “My God this is nice”.

We walked in and he saw the access swipe beeper and smiled when he swiped his card against it. It got me a little excited too. He then looked at all the busy people in the office, giving instructions, telling each other about meetings, people walking into training rooms. He whispered, this office is really nice. We walked into the break out area and I put my brother to shame. He was subtle the whole while and he does not get embarrassed easily. All I did was shout out, out of instinct, with managers around, in suits with other trainees “Look Bro Free Coffee!!!”


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