Awara Shayar Hoon

I’ve written a few lines of poetry. I also wanted to explain in English what I mean by them.

This world is such a cunning unforgiving place that justice has seemed to have perished. There would be no call of right and wrong in such a dastardly place. My name that has gone rogue would have never taken light if an honest mistake can be differentiated from a crime.

Chalaak, Shatir Begerath Duniya main kahan koi Insaaf ho,

Badnaam na hote, hum agar Gustaaki Maaf ho.

These are a few lines that are my favorite  The true journey of life unfolds as a student walks and takes on the role of a guide. The journey of life is seen when smile follows tears and revives all determination. I’ve seen many a times when people search for life in the high. The high of power, the high of being intoxicated or the high of halucination. The journey of life is seen when you show respect and understand the value of a stranger’s smile. There are very few moments when you get to see a smile of a stranger that is seen because of you.

Shagird se Rehnuma tak ke Safar main hai Zindagi,
Chipte-chipate Aasuon main muskaan ke basar main hai Zindagi, 
Nashe main choor ho kar Zindagi dhoondte hai log magar,
kabhie dusron ki Sachi muskaan ki kadar main hai Zindagi

If divine intentions and soulful words are misinterpret for an excuse then mankind will never be understood. [ I know it’s not that comfortable as the Hindi, but my main “divine intention” is to get the meaning of the “sher” across.] So If divine intentions and soulful words are misinterpret for an excuse then mankind will never be understood. It will always be misunderstood. If someone talks from their heart mind and soul, it better that reaches yours, or else you will misinterpret standing together as being together. Big Difference

Shiddat se ki hui baat ko agar bahana samjhogay,

Toh is Zamane ko tum khaaq Zamana sanjhogay,
Agar Dil se nikle baat aur vahin pahunche to acha hai,
Varna Saath khade rehne ko saath nibhaana samjhogay.

                More of these in due course of time. I don’t want too much philosophy to come in the picture.


“Sanazia”- Run by the youth

When you read about people in their fields who shape the perspective of society, and feel the need and urge to be part of it you should realize one very important aspect. It’s never easy to bring any kind of change. A change that comes from within, the voice that speaks on behalf of the mind is universal. Everyone has a conscious and everyone has an inner voice. Our destiny lies in whether we listen to our voice or choose not to.


I’ve known Mrs Saira Noor for a very long time. The kind of mother that encourages her kids to participate and supports them to win in which ever event they do. She and my mother are very good friends. What distinctly comes up to my mind when I recollect the childhood memories when meeting Mrs Saira is this one day when mother, my brother and myself were at her place. Needless to say as kids we all hate drinking milk. There’s always one or two who “love” it. But speaking for the rest majority, who hate drinking milk I can say that we don’t like finishing our glass of milk and always tend to leave more than a gulp in the glass. We were at their house and Naqquash [Brilliant sports guy, studious and an all-rounder and the kind of kid your parents would want you to be friends with]. We were playing football and went inside to take a break form play. We all were offered milk and as it was at my place I drank about 80 percent and could barely manage to take in another 10 in. I remember aunty’ s words as she came to me and made sure I finished my glass by holding it in the bottoms’ up position.

She said “Son, you won’t get any energy until you drink that last bit, that’s where all the power is stored. Finish it fully and you will get all the energy.”  Now many of you might be going, what’s so great in that? But trust me, I’ve been finishing all my drinks to the very last sip and even today believe in her words.  She is supportive, bonding, nurturing primary care giver and her encouragement is commendable.

Sana and Nazia, two twins younger to Naqqash are as studious and as competitive and they carry themselves very well.  The reason I was keen on writing this today was that a few years later when I caught up with the Noor family their support in what they did showed with the brightest colours. I was so proud to be friends with someone who knows what change is and is willing to seek it.

“Sanazia” is a word that started small only to grow stronger each day. An NGO that has the vision to bring a change and the will to reach it and the dedication to never give in. I met Naqqash recently and saw the commitment that he had to bring the change. Now I would not write about what Sanazia has done so far or what it is doing as I write these lines.  A change that brings smiles on the faces of orphans and shows a helping hand to someone in need is what Sanazia is focussed to do.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”


Anyone who reads this is probably a friend of mine, a blogger or someone googling NGO.

I’d request my friends to visit the below link and take a look at a group of youngsters who are the volunteers at SANAIZA. The Facebook page that shows the events and the photos of everything that’s done so far. Join the page and share inputs, be part of the online photography competition that helps as a fund raiser for an orphanage. Also Drawing competitions, and short films that help raising funds and bring out the talents in young artists who need the support.


Now before I finish I’d like to mention the Anchor that supports the family that has compassion within them, Mr. Noor.  Uncle has always been supportive and he watches over his family and makes sure they have the right support to bring the change that they want to bring. [ Uncle smiling in the below pic in the black Sanazia T-shirt]. I love being part of this NGO and wanted to spread the word. So I wrote… Good day and be kind.  



 Sanazia – A smiling change for those who deserve.

I left that one out in choice!

281451_10150254581763376_6642901_n                        I don’t know what it feels like to win a race, reach the finish line and cease the moment in monochromatic light with your school. Your friends and your parents would all be cheering for you. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stop in that moment of triumph and look at all the eyes on you. I don’t know what it feels like to be the leader of a house in the school or the school captain and be the most popular guy that’s around. I don’t know what it feels like to be in a group of friends and be the center that holds the group together. I don’t know what it would be like to get into fights and dominate people around. But you ask anyone my size and they would love to have that position.

Now let’s talk about what I do know. I know how it feels like to start a roar of cheer for the fastest “15 year old” in town that is representing your school. I know what it feels like to shout till your eyes go red and your veins pop out. Studying in a boys school and dancing, centre stage with all the awkward moments as your dressed like a girl [I’m telling you awkward] with the entire school whistling for you [or at you], I know what that’s like too. I know what it’s like to go to school and stand in line with your fingers crossed hoping you would not get pulled up for untidy shoes and run 4 laps around the ground. I know what it feels like to trespass the tennis court and start playing only to go ahead and get caught by the Vice Principal. I so well know the moment when you are gazing out the window and it’s about a minute before for the bell rings, and you get to go home.  And you see the peon walk towards the bell and that makes you so happy. Those 4-5 moments are golden when you see the peon is about to start ringing the bell with a metal stick. Anxious moments are these that shall never be forgotten.


I know what it’s like to walk out of the exam hall and thinking “I’m not going to discuss the paper with anyone” and the moment someone asks you, “Hey, how did it go man?” and you say “You know the 4th section for paragraph answers, the 2nd one only asks about “How Toto was a playful monkey right? Nothing more, right?”  And you always get the reply “Dude I left that question in choice.”  I know what it’s like to be neglected and I’m happy to say it gives you experience to build character. I know how happy a kid gets or rather as a kid how happy you get when you ask someone the answer in the exam hall and get the right answer form your friend. And I also know how mad you get when you find that the “friend” was wrong. I know how happy you get when a class gets cancelled or how thrilling it gets when you get 2 periods of physical training.  I so well know the happiness you get when your own school triumphs in sports and your voice is drained in hundreds. I know how happy you get when your friend gets caught in class and the time goes on in finding out the truth. I know what it’s like to be scared of teachers and it’s amazing. I know the efforts and pain that you go through to redecorate the school ground when it rains just one day before. I know what it’s like to be a gentleman as you wear your school name. I know what it’s like to believe in the school motto that says “Non-Quam non Paratus” which means “Never Unprepared.”


Now let’s get back to what I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s like to study all year long to get good grades. I don’t know what it feels like to answer the question your teacher asks when it’s not a test.  By this time guys my age would have let bygones be bygones. I somehow hold on those memories. This is because of one saying that always stays with me when I’m down. You can take me away from the Winner, I repeat by intention “You can take me away from the winner, but you cannot take the Josephite out of me.

The Beauty of life! Happy Women’s Day!

A woman, the symbol of beauty, the epitome of fulfillment  the secret behind the biggest success stories in the world.  Elegance, grace, solitude, compassion, passion and unconditional love as a mother, the heart of a woman, the support and nurture of a sister are mere words when it comes to the persona of a woman.

Nobody in this world is perfect, men have flaws, and women have flaws. But when it comes to giving, giving to someone you love; giving to someone you care for a woman takes stand on the painful pedestal.  Sacrifice and compassion are qualities that are more attributed to a woman. The inspiration that a woman generates, the awe that is struck when a woman carries herself well is beyond words. They are soft spoken, lovely creatures. Someone back in the day, way back said that if women did not exist in the world, all the riches and wealth would make no sense.

Of course no arguments, no melodrama, no high pitch voices, no stupid questions but hey doesn’t that bring smile and colour sometimes. Emotional Intelligence requires a higher strength and woman do a much better job than men. I did not want to write pages and pages on women’s day. Symbol of love for a woman is an epitome in itself.

I’ve written these lines on a woman. My mother who is the first lady in my life and will continue to be my inspiration as long as I go brought these words out in me.

As a man’s strength is all what’s known of him,

A woman is its reason, inspiration that enthrals.

A man conquers as long as he goes,

A woman keeps walking tall.

Respect for women is in true men’s blood,

A woman’s compassion does not fall.

A man can never go through childbirth,

And that’s where a mother wins it all.

A mother, a sister, a daughter, the love and better half of a person and the woman that goes along all these is beautiful.

Men and woman go hand in hand. No superior, no inferior. If a man is made to provide, protect a woman, then a woman is made to fill a man.  The heart, mind and soul of a man finds inspiration in a woman at some point. Wishing all women kind “A HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY.

Meet Mr. I.M. GOOFY!

The more you live and see and learn and feel and experience, the more distant the two worlds become.
One world is where you have feelings and emotions and moments and courage and reconciliation. The other world is about power and success and achievements.
Doing a menial job to be successful or wanting to excel in your field is what the second world is about.
Everybody should make a living by themselves and excel in it. Now my distinguishing about the two is worlds is not saying that people should not be at regular jobs.
My thoughts clutter and they do that a lot. I think that priorities is what sets us apart. Now if your priority is to be a successful owner of company then you have to push harder than others for a long time. If that’s what you seek peace in, then so be it. If conquering the world with a name of your own is what you want then so be it. But let ask you this. Can you have a billion Indians all on-screen doing their own act? Can all be convicted singers? Can you have a dozen million artists around the country? A dream to do something in life is within all of us. May God Bless everyone and may all have their dreams fulfilled.
But in that very statement the word fulfil catches my attention. I ask myself these stupid questions over and over again. Is there a certain bar that need be reached to attain success. Is there a certain age before which you need to succeed. Is there a way where by only doing one thin all life would you succeed. These should end with question marks. But I put them as statements.
I might be losing my handle on the subject so let me start off by saying that priority of being a man who at any point has a recollection of the all the feelings that possibly exist as he felt them and not just know them is at a higher rank than success.
Have you heard this before, “How does it feel like?” How does it feel to be successful? People say success comes hard.
Now I did not write this page at 4 in the morning to start giving advice to people. I just want to say that I’m a goofy guy, a kid who loves to see how it feels when you are down in the race and the whole world is ahead of you. how if feels to bring a smile on someone’s face. how it feels to walk with someone and just talk nothing because you are comfortable with that person. How it feels to dance in the middle of the night. How it feels to work so much that your head starts spinning. how it feels to be goofy and stupid. I think if this tops your list of priority and you work hard in what you do you get the best of both worlds.

Can you see that!!

I want to talk about a story that my mother told me years ago that still stays fresh in my mind. She once told me that there were two brothers. One was the talk of the nation as a success and the other was a drunken unemployed miserable man. The news spread around the city that they lived in and it spread like wild-fire the most powerful business man has a brother who is leading a life in the slums. They interviewed both the brothers. They asked them this one question. “Who do you hold responsible for your situation that you are in today?” They both replied the same answer. “My father”.

The ups and downs of life, the high and the low, the good and the bad days, through thick and thin, and many more such words are often used to sum up life. I often ask myself a question and find it to be a loop in itself. Who leads a better life? The one who saw more ups than downs, or is it the one who on the whole saw a bigger chunk of ups and downs in life? In case you are wondering about the answer by the two brothers, I’ll explain about them in a minute.  Now, let’s go back to the ups and downs, shall we. Does any thinking go into the fact about how you see those ups and downs? Well as a matter of fact, I learnt that ups and downs are a part of the each and every individual that ever took birth.  And I’m not talking about the mundane issues like I wish I could go and shop for shoes more often. Or I wish we had a better car. I hope someday I’ll have no problems in life.That’s going to be a never-ending process. I’m talking about times when you walk and ask yourself, “What am I doing? I don’t think this is going to work out anymore.”

There are so many success stories today that I’ve read about who almost quit when they were down. Many of the great actors don’t make it because they can’t get up. Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Anupam Kher, Amitabh Bachan, Halle Berry are so a few that come to my mind right now. What’s common between them, Mr Blogger? Is that what you are thinking probably?  Homeless and on the verge of quitting. So what I think about is who leads a better life, the ones that never came down or the ones that were down and thought they would never make it back up? Think about it, I’m just writing a blog page and I don’t want to tell you that I have expert words on this. This is what I’ve thought about.

Back to the story. The Drunken man’s story was that “my father used to beat me and my Mother every day. He used to be an alcoholic. He gambled his money away and we never had a square meal. “The successful man’s reply was my father used to beat me and my Mother every day. He was an alcoholic, and gambled the little money away and we never had a square meal.

Now the drunken man added “I thought this is what life is all about and I did the same.” The successful guy replied, I decided that this would not be my life and started working in the opposite direction. That made the difference. Perspective matters people. I also want to add here that you never leave your lady when she is down.  No matter what.

Loudly and Proudly our voices are ringing.

Having studied in the queen of hills, being a nature lover is a given. The ventures of students studying there vary as the people who are nature lovers have their own nature. Adventurous trekkers, a thoughtful writer, an active environmentalist, an astounding photographer, an amazing poet and it goes on and on. There is no competing as to who is better. It’s Expression and the versatility of Mother Nature in people’s expressions is not only peaceful but enriching. I’ve always wanted to be an active part of any group event or gathering. But not for a bad reason; I would never want to associate with being in a mob, although I have never thought about it. I’ve had moments of solitude too along with being in the crowd. I could surely find a few people around who would say I’m a lively hyperactive guy who is sociable; but moments of solitude are always around the corner.

Coonoor, Mother Nature, serenity, serendipity, solitude, thoughtful and evergreen. I distinctly remember the first day for class 7 when I was about to sit in a classroom that is on the 3rd floor of the building that is built a little above the other buildings in the school.  It used to be a little chilly and it would get pleasant when you sit under the sun. I remember being quiet that day, the first day of class 7. Walking up to the window and seeing this vast ground and this magnanimous building that makes you feel proud of your school. [I’m so tempted to write down my school anthem this very instant]. The Picture that you see is pretty dreamy but bear in mind, my 7th standard class would be about 150 feet above the point of view.



I started thinking and lost in thoughts at that time. Nothing that I can point at right now, just random thoughts those have a string in between them that keeps going on ahead with on leash on it. Like for example I would start with a thought and end up with some thought that has no connection.

Something like “It would be great if I could play the trumpet on top of that building. It would also be nice to have friends there and chill out. What if Revern Britto* caught us there. What if we were punished in front of everyone? No one would speak to me for days. That girl across my house has not spoken to me for days. She has a nice smile. And the way she walks while she reads from her text-book on her terrace. And her brother who stares at me while I gaze at her. I would beat him any day. If we played football I could win 4 goals to nothing. Yesterday’s match against Lawrence International was so cool. We winning it at 3-0 were amazing. “WE THE BLUES, WE THE WHITES, WE ARE THE MIGHTY JOSEPHITES”. Richardson cheers his school with so much enthusiasm. He talks well in the debates. That question I asked to the girl in that debate about “Sania Mirza winning so many matches and that would not be possible if there was traditional dressing in sports”.  The school auditorium stage is so great I’d perform there and look at the audience looking at me. It was so weird when they were looking at me while was dressed like a girl though. So awkward wasn’t it?”

I could fill pages with thoughts that go on without any count. I loved my home town then I love it now and will love it more than any other place that I go to. There are moments of loneliness that I would not want to share. Moments that make me feel like nothing is difficult. Like everything, everyone around you wants to win. There are moments that don’t seek achievements, moments that make you feel alive and that’s what matters. Coonoor has given me so much that at times when big city guys even start talking I smile and just thing to myself “What a wonderful world”!! Take a good look at the pictures; you might get a glimpse of my smile.


I could not stop myself. School: Attention.

Loudly and proudly our voices are ringing
Clear over town land and hillside and vale
Telling our love for the School in our singing
Loyally flinging out our joy to the gale.


On every Josephite, stand for the School and right
Semper Paratus, each strong heart and true
Think of our famous name, act to extend its fame
Now and forever, ’tis trusting to you.

Fair be your name thro’ the years yet to be
So, glory and freedom, their garlands entwining
Our School and Our Country good fortune shall see.