Loudly and Proudly our voices are ringing.

Having studied in the queen of hills, being a nature lover is a given. The ventures of students studying there vary as the people who are nature lovers have their own nature. Adventurous trekkers, a thoughtful writer, an active environmentalist, an astounding photographer, an amazing poet and it goes on and on. There is no competing as to who is better. It’s Expression and the versatility of Mother Nature in people’s expressions is not only peaceful but enriching. I’ve always wanted to be an active part of any group event or gathering. But not for a bad reason; I would never want to associate with being in a mob, although I have never thought about it. I’ve had moments of solitude too along with being in the crowd. I could surely find a few people around who would say I’m a lively hyperactive guy who is sociable; but moments of solitude are always around the corner.

Coonoor, Mother Nature, serenity, serendipity, solitude, thoughtful and evergreen. I distinctly remember the first day for class 7 when I was about to sit in a classroom that is on the 3rd floor of the building that is built a little above the other buildings in the school.  It used to be a little chilly and it would get pleasant when you sit under the sun. I remember being quiet that day, the first day of class 7. Walking up to the window and seeing this vast ground and this magnanimous building that makes you feel proud of your school. [I’m so tempted to write down my school anthem this very instant]. The Picture that you see is pretty dreamy but bear in mind, my 7th standard class would be about 150 feet above the point of view.



I started thinking and lost in thoughts at that time. Nothing that I can point at right now, just random thoughts those have a string in between them that keeps going on ahead with on leash on it. Like for example I would start with a thought and end up with some thought that has no connection.

Something like “It would be great if I could play the trumpet on top of that building. It would also be nice to have friends there and chill out. What if Revern Britto* caught us there. What if we were punished in front of everyone? No one would speak to me for days. That girl across my house has not spoken to me for days. She has a nice smile. And the way she walks while she reads from her text-book on her terrace. And her brother who stares at me while I gaze at her. I would beat him any day. If we played football I could win 4 goals to nothing. Yesterday’s match against Lawrence International was so cool. We winning it at 3-0 were amazing. “WE THE BLUES, WE THE WHITES, WE ARE THE MIGHTY JOSEPHITES”. Richardson cheers his school with so much enthusiasm. He talks well in the debates. That question I asked to the girl in that debate about “Sania Mirza winning so many matches and that would not be possible if there was traditional dressing in sports”.  The school auditorium stage is so great I’d perform there and look at the audience looking at me. It was so weird when they were looking at me while was dressed like a girl though. So awkward wasn’t it?”

I could fill pages with thoughts that go on without any count. I loved my home town then I love it now and will love it more than any other place that I go to. There are moments of loneliness that I would not want to share. Moments that make me feel like nothing is difficult. Like everything, everyone around you wants to win. There are moments that don’t seek achievements, moments that make you feel alive and that’s what matters. Coonoor has given me so much that at times when big city guys even start talking I smile and just thing to myself “What a wonderful world”!! Take a good look at the pictures; you might get a glimpse of my smile.


I could not stop myself. School: Attention.

Loudly and proudly our voices are ringing
Clear over town land and hillside and vale
Telling our love for the School in our singing
Loyally flinging out our joy to the gale.


On every Josephite, stand for the School and right
Semper Paratus, each strong heart and true
Think of our famous name, act to extend its fame
Now and forever, ’tis trusting to you.

Fair be your name thro’ the years yet to be
So, glory and freedom, their garlands entwining
Our School and Our Country good fortune shall see.




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