Meet Mr. I.M. GOOFY!

The more you live and see and learn and feel and experience, the more distant the two worlds become.
One world is where you have feelings and emotions and moments and courage and reconciliation. The other world is about power and success and achievements.
Doing a menial job to be successful or wanting to excel in your field is what the second world is about.
Everybody should make a living by themselves and excel in it. Now my distinguishing about the two is worlds is not saying that people should not be at regular jobs.
My thoughts clutter and they do that a lot. I think that priorities is what sets us apart. Now if your priority is to be a successful owner of company then you have to push harder than others for a long time. If that’s what you seek peace in, then so be it. If conquering the world with a name of your own is what you want then so be it. But let ask you this. Can you have a billion Indians all on-screen doing their own act? Can all be convicted singers? Can you have a dozen million artists around the country? A dream to do something in life is within all of us. May God Bless everyone and may all have their dreams fulfilled.
But in that very statement the word fulfil catches my attention. I ask myself these stupid questions over and over again. Is there a certain bar that need be reached to attain success. Is there a certain age before which you need to succeed. Is there a way where by only doing one thin all life would you succeed. These should end with question marks. But I put them as statements.
I might be losing my handle on the subject so let me start off by saying that priority of being a man who at any point has a recollection of the all the feelings that possibly exist as he felt them and not just know them is at a higher rank than success.
Have you heard this before, “How does it feel like?” How does it feel to be successful? People say success comes hard.
Now I did not write this page at 4 in the morning to start giving advice to people. I just want to say that I’m a goofy guy, a kid who loves to see how it feels when you are down in the race and the whole world is ahead of you. how if feels to bring a smile on someone’s face. how it feels to walk with someone and just talk nothing because you are comfortable with that person. How it feels to dance in the middle of the night. How it feels to work so much that your head starts spinning. how it feels to be goofy and stupid. I think if this tops your list of priority and you work hard in what you do you get the best of both worlds.


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