The Beauty of life! Happy Women’s Day!

A woman, the symbol of beauty, the epitome of fulfillment  the secret behind the biggest success stories in the world.  Elegance, grace, solitude, compassion, passion and unconditional love as a mother, the heart of a woman, the support and nurture of a sister are mere words when it comes to the persona of a woman.

Nobody in this world is perfect, men have flaws, and women have flaws. But when it comes to giving, giving to someone you love; giving to someone you care for a woman takes stand on the painful pedestal.  Sacrifice and compassion are qualities that are more attributed to a woman. The inspiration that a woman generates, the awe that is struck when a woman carries herself well is beyond words. They are soft spoken, lovely creatures. Someone back in the day, way back said that if women did not exist in the world, all the riches and wealth would make no sense.

Of course no arguments, no melodrama, no high pitch voices, no stupid questions but hey doesn’t that bring smile and colour sometimes. Emotional Intelligence requires a higher strength and woman do a much better job than men. I did not want to write pages and pages on women’s day. Symbol of love for a woman is an epitome in itself.

I’ve written these lines on a woman. My mother who is the first lady in my life and will continue to be my inspiration as long as I go brought these words out in me.

As a man’s strength is all what’s known of him,

A woman is its reason, inspiration that enthrals.

A man conquers as long as he goes,

A woman keeps walking tall.

Respect for women is in true men’s blood,

A woman’s compassion does not fall.

A man can never go through childbirth,

And that’s where a mother wins it all.

A mother, a sister, a daughter, the love and better half of a person and the woman that goes along all these is beautiful.

Men and woman go hand in hand. No superior, no inferior. If a man is made to provide, protect a woman, then a woman is made to fill a man.  The heart, mind and soul of a man finds inspiration in a woman at some point. Wishing all women kind “A HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY.

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