Rhythm Method – Voila!!

The Soul of a memory is in its very first glimpse. A mind that has memories in it as much as a chain linked fence reaches deep to get the most soulful memories together when you are at bliss. Growing up in a hill station  I’ve barely seen the hustle & bustle of traffic, I’ve not seen day time travel to reach school. Local buses, local trains, metros, yeah, pretty much all the things a city has to offer. But I do know what bliss is. I know how it feels to lose yourself completely to the inner you and be yourself. I’ve taken countless walks down a hill while the rain keeps pouring down. I rode my cycle to roads that have at times look like a wallpaper on a computer screen. I’ve seen sunsets that blow my mind away.

On 19th of April, my Friend Sagar Juneja offered me an extra ticket to watch a band play. They were called Rhythm Method. I went along with him to B-flat and this ambience of a classy pub. The entrance has numerous International artists as a collage. I could barely name a mere 10 out of the 100 Artists. MJ, Bob Marley, Lionel Richie, Eminem, Usher and a few more.
Now, cutting the long night short. Let me take you to the moment which made me recollect bliss. Siddharth Basrur, Ustad Dilshad Khan and Laiq Qureshi. Siddharth Basrur is this humble looking rockstar who shows the perfect combination of Confidence, Stage persona and an amazing voice quality. I was standing within 5 metres from the stage and the night was exquisite. I looked up to Siddharth like this kid watching “Dil Chahta Hai” and Sid is having his best scenes of the film. It was pretty awesome.

Laiq Qureshi, firstly , he’s tall and I’ve had more than my share of encounters with tall dudes and always were either intimidated or bullied except for this one 6 foot guy who’s jaw I broke. Naah! I’m joking, I Could not do that, trust me I got a heart. Laiq is the backbone of the concert with beats that set the ambience so far from where you are that you’ll be looking for company to come back. I mean his variation on beats, tunes and the collage that he plays from is truly mesmerising. And a real nice person.

Now, Ustad Dilshad Khan. I could not say that one person is better than the other. Each guy on stage was a khiladi of what he was doing. The Soulful pieces that the sarangi player Ustad ji played literally took me to that bliss I had back home. On the whole I was brough   to my inner peace. I lost all inhibitions , further more I did like a headstand that was not planned. It was amazing time I had.Here are the guys now Rhythm Method!



@ the The Vagina Monologues.

The V- Word
I recently told my friend at work, that I’m going to a play called the Vagina Maonologue. She looked at me if I had verbally abused her. She quickly walked away and since then I’ve not heard from her. I think sharing the link would have saved me the embaressment. By the way this is a good trick to get rid of people who you think are pretty stuck up in life although she wasn’t like that.

Anyway, Theatre is my favourite medium of retrospect.

                   Now, growing up I never had the courage to ask a girl out. But I was pretty good in other aspects of childhood. Now that I look at it, I feel that shying away from the fact that I should make the first move in a girl has taught me to respect a girl for who she is. I did not mean it to be like that though. I should have understood “how a girl is perceived and looked at” and then respected them for who they are.

                  Once I was in this play I realized that somehow what I believed in from a very long time was true. Reinstated was the fact that respect for women is not to be taken for granted. Its awfully easy to overlook the trauma and the ups and downs that a girl goes through from a very young age. Barriers are a part of life and that’s how what we overcome each day.
The play started and as I mentioned earlier I had a seat that could see the actors and the audience on the other side. It was like a moment that I would recollect for a very long time, may be even decades.

                     A play touched upon quite a few aspects and I won’t want to write the synopsis of the play. The monologues that were dedicated to the various segments of women in society. These women who have learnt about it at a young age, some who have not, some who have been taught that pleasure is taboo were the soul of the play.

                    The choices that are made by a young man are tough in life; yet the choices that society makes at times make a young lady’s life tough. Apart from the difficulties that the male faces, the women has her own set of difficulties, which by any means does not mean that other difficulties are not in her way.

               Now, rather than straying away from the fact I’d like to sum up my experience in the play. The Vagina Monologues talks about its presence in a woman’s world and how it drastically changes the way she sees herself. A woman who is violated  a woman who uses her body to earn, a woman who is shunned away, a woman who is neglected, manipulated some how find their definition in the presence of it.

               A woman who is loved and is loved just the way she is, sees beauty in herself, a woman who was violated feels a constant disgust that eventually turns into a decision that leaves her not answering any calls to the need for sex. All these furthermore made a point that came across that the woman in each female has a perception of her vagina. If she is treated with love care and attention and sometimes, I said sometimes with gifts then she sees beauty in herself and finds the natural act very beautiful. But if any other way that is apart from that comes into picture then there there are dreadful retrospects that she sees in the natural act of love.

“Cut It” Vs Viola!

Ladies and gentlemen, in our special event for tonight we are proud to introduce on the right side with the popular one among the lot, the one that has the limelight on him, Mo-tion Picturessss. He has many takes and takes on many. He talks about all the society has to offer and he has been a contender for decades. [Applause] And on the right we have what is at times called Amphi Theater. He has been going on for centuries and still is going strong. He has the pain, he has the power, and he has motivation.

There are so many opinions and so many of those opinions are diverse. There are special moments in theatre and there are special moments in motion pictures. A visit to the movies will keep you energized for a couple hours, may be weeks. But if you witness a play or live theatre that is spellbound, even after years you can recollect the same ambience and the awe that you were in when you saw it. There is a certain violent silence in the theatre. The verge of anything that can happen at any moment is phenomenal.  There are these few moments of magic that can grow in you as time flies by. Each medium is special in its own way. When I see an actor on the big screen delivering a speech that moves me I witness the most beautiful blend that Motion pictures and Theatre can offer together.

I had recently been to a play and I tried, I tried but I could not get the tickets to the centre seats. But I got seats in the left sided bay. The name of the play was “The Vagina Monologues” It is a collection of monologues revolving around one essential Subject – the Vagina. There are monologues on female genital mutilation, sexual liberation, sexual abuse, exploration etc. The pieces were inspired by interviews conducted by Eve Ensler and are now being performed all around the world during the VDAY movement to increase awareness and also raise funds for local NGOs working with women.

The courage to sum up the knowledge to deliver monologues and talk volumes about a word that is taboo in society is something that not everyone can do. I got the chance to see the expression of a woman that talks to her audience and the backdrop of people listening intently and their expressions changing was a workshop for me. I feel theatre is society’s workshop. It’s a place to mend visions and perspectives. I love learning in life through experiences and interactions.

The best method to learn anything in life is to watch “Master’s @ Work or shall I say Play”