“Cut It” Vs Viola!

Ladies and gentlemen, in our special event for tonight we are proud to introduce on the right side with the popular one among the lot, the one that has the limelight on him, Mo-tion Picturessss. He has many takes and takes on many. He talks about all the society has to offer and he has been a contender for decades. [Applause] And on the right we have what is at times called Amphi Theater. He has been going on for centuries and still is going strong. He has the pain, he has the power, and he has motivation.

There are so many opinions and so many of those opinions are diverse. There are special moments in theatre and there are special moments in motion pictures. A visit to the movies will keep you energized for a couple hours, may be weeks. But if you witness a play or live theatre that is spellbound, even after years you can recollect the same ambience and the awe that you were in when you saw it. There is a certain violent silence in the theatre. The verge of anything that can happen at any moment is phenomenal.  There are these few moments of magic that can grow in you as time flies by. Each medium is special in its own way. When I see an actor on the big screen delivering a speech that moves me I witness the most beautiful blend that Motion pictures and Theatre can offer together.

I had recently been to a play and I tried, I tried but I could not get the tickets to the centre seats. But I got seats in the left sided bay. The name of the play was “The Vagina Monologues” It is a collection of monologues revolving around one essential Subject – the Vagina. There are monologues on female genital mutilation, sexual liberation, sexual abuse, exploration etc. The pieces were inspired by interviews conducted by Eve Ensler and are now being performed all around the world during the VDAY movement to increase awareness and also raise funds for local NGOs working with women.

The courage to sum up the knowledge to deliver monologues and talk volumes about a word that is taboo in society is something that not everyone can do. I got the chance to see the expression of a woman that talks to her audience and the backdrop of people listening intently and their expressions changing was a workshop for me. I feel theatre is society’s workshop. It’s a place to mend visions and perspectives. I love learning in life through experiences and interactions.

The best method to learn anything in life is to watch “Master’s @ Work or shall I say Play”




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