Rhythm Method – Voila!!

The Soul of a memory is in its very first glimpse. A mind that has memories in it as much as a chain linked fence reaches deep to get the most soulful memories together when you are at bliss. Growing up in a hill station  I’ve barely seen the hustle & bustle of traffic, I’ve not seen day time travel to reach school. Local buses, local trains, metros, yeah, pretty much all the things a city has to offer. But I do know what bliss is. I know how it feels to lose yourself completely to the inner you and be yourself. I’ve taken countless walks down a hill while the rain keeps pouring down. I rode my cycle to roads that have at times look like a wallpaper on a computer screen. I’ve seen sunsets that blow my mind away.

On 19th of April, my Friend Sagar Juneja offered me an extra ticket to watch a band play. They were called Rhythm Method. I went along with him to B-flat and this ambience of a classy pub. The entrance has numerous International artists as a collage. I could barely name a mere 10 out of the 100 Artists. MJ, Bob Marley, Lionel Richie, Eminem, Usher and a few more.
Now, cutting the long night short. Let me take you to the moment which made me recollect bliss. Siddharth Basrur, Ustad Dilshad Khan and Laiq Qureshi. Siddharth Basrur is this humble looking rockstar who shows the perfect combination of Confidence, Stage persona and an amazing voice quality. I was standing within 5 metres from the stage and the night was exquisite. I looked up to Siddharth like this kid watching “Dil Chahta Hai” and Sid is having his best scenes of the film. It was pretty awesome.

Laiq Qureshi, firstly , he’s tall and I’ve had more than my share of encounters with tall dudes and always were either intimidated or bullied except for this one 6 foot guy who’s jaw I broke. Naah! I’m joking, I Could not do that, trust me I got a heart. Laiq is the backbone of the concert with beats that set the ambience so far from where you are that you’ll be looking for company to come back. I mean his variation on beats, tunes and the collage that he plays from is truly mesmerising. And a real nice person.

Now, Ustad Dilshad Khan. I could not say that one person is better than the other. Each guy on stage was a khiladi of what he was doing. The Soulful pieces that the sarangi player Ustad ji played literally took me to that bliss I had back home. On the whole I was brough   to my inner peace. I lost all inhibitions , further more I did like a headstand that was not planned. It was amazing time I had.Here are the guys now Rhythm Method!



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