Post Match Presentation @ the Gods of Carnage

I had to look up the word ‘Carnage’ to get an idea of what I’m in for. I took a glance at the Alliance and I thought to myself this does resemble the ambiance I grew up in doing plays at school in Coonoor. Theatre has had an impact on the students of the Nilgiris. It is the Epitome of Hyperbole that fills the childhood memories with a silver lining.

Now let me fill you on the Production company – Black Coffee Brew!


BCBrew or black coffee brew. Way back in the 00s, when Black Coffee was a prolific theatre company, we ran an email mag called the brew. In the absence of Facebook, twitter, hash tags or pokes, the brew quickly became a wall (wait a second, FB you owe us big time) to exchange notes, have a scrap, review stuff (no one does that any more), connect with people and so on. Here then, is the BCBrew in an FB-2013-appropriate version. Looking forward to loads of conversations (and fights, oh yes, lots of gossipy catfights).

Now Wikipedia ‘The Gods of Carnage’ to find out what I’m talking about, you have exactly 4 and half minutes to get back. At the Alliance, Black Coffee Brew productions presented the play that had a subtle start which allowed the audience to hop on the story board and settle down to start the rumble of laughter. The option for going for a play was mine so my friends told me that they hope they have a good time.

The Play had its roller coaster ride moments and there were quite a few of them. The actors were well versed in timing and appropriate on language, and when I say Appropriate on language I mean they used forbidden words to a very good extent and it extended their impact. I’ve seen a theatre artist right before the play begins and I’ve seen them right after the play ends, and of course, through it all and I love the theatre, cos it’s the most elevated platform that leaves an impact on the human mind.

Here’s what my friends have to say about BCBrew’s The God’s of Carnage


536188_10152648329655147_322062941_nRohan Amonkar – Funny! (I asked him a second time and with his classic poker face he says) “Funny!”

25070_385029462065_3551091_nSagar Juneja – Absolutely hilarious! The cast was spot-on obnoxious, annoying, naive, and downright dramatic. A complete dose of comedy!

69094_10150295312960727_6724055_nVikitha Hegde – I had a nice experience and will definitely wanna watch a play again…. since I’m not a play person


536020_10152556281620175_1445899305_nTrishna Datta – What a perfectly brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Excellent cast, I loved it!

188662_10151298368314334_655544175_nShunky Chugani – Well, the play was hilarious, the depiction was awesome and experience was B- E- A Utiful!

Ok , what I’m trying to say on this blog is BCBrew knows theatre and in fact they can introduce you to good theatre. So in the most decent version that i can think off is “Shhhhhhhh  the Act is about to Begin”(PS :- Broke a couple legs that night!)941939_10151600793859334_615575480_n(PS :- Broke a couple legs that night!)