And then they asked “What happened?” He replied, “Long story short. New BMW totaled!”


The moment you see a set on stage that resembles a living room, you know that it has the potential to blow the audience away. I’ve never watched the play ‘Rumors’ before. I now think, I’m glad I watched it for the very first time being played by Playtonik Productions. To be honest with you, I’ve been a little, just a little intimidated, like an introvert from my teens. Ok, more than just a little. OK! I’ve been scared out of my very nerves when I make eye contact with any beautiful lady. This past weekend I had that same teen scared feeling again sitting in the audience. That’s right I was in a crowd and I still got scared, the reason being Playtonik’s Rumors. The women on stage were both gorgeous and in character. It’s always good to watch a play that grips you right from the word “BANG”!  (I should not have said that. I should not have told you that)

Anyways The play goes on with great comic timing, brilliant stage presence while the women are busy making the stage look good, the guys are all competing as to who can be the “Best guy up there, or down there (if you know Jagriti theatre)”.  I don’t want to mention names, so Shraddha Srinath, Mohan Ram, Roli Arun, Jimmy Xavier, Siddharth Kumar, Tulika Majumdar, Deeban Chakravarthy and Sunanda Khosla!  These people with the crew  Arun Bhat, Imran put up a play that was not only worth watching it was worth bragging about. The best plays are not the ones with the loudest claps and the loudest roar of laughter. The best plays are the ones which have claps and laughter all throughout. Playtoniks were able to pull off an all evening’er’. There were claps and laughter throughout the play.

It was brilliant, and if you think I’m gonna tell you anything about the totaled BMW, forget about it. You think you can read about it and try and figure out what the play is like. Alright! Wikipedia ‘Rumors, the play’. Go ahead! But guess what you won’t have the experience that we had watching it this weekend. It was outstanding, brilliant and an awesome weekend.

Kudos to the team and next time these guys are around for a play, and if you are the kind of person who loves to laugh you should check them out. (Ok, I can go on talking about them if you are willing to read a dozen more words like awesomeness, brilliant and magnificent and all that) Once again Jagriti had a great show delivered and everyone had a great evening. (If i’ve missed anyone’s name out, you are entitled to ask me for free chocolates!)

(PS I love you!) 892495_641293099216781_1810210212_o


And the winner is (!Tahatto!) (Applause Applause)

Romeo and Juliet- NSA- The winner of The Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award 2012


Wow that’s so romantic is what I heard my girlfriend’s friend tell her. I heard about it and I was excited to see Puppets and clowns part of Romeo and Juliet. Now Humor has its own soft corner in my heart. In fact it takes up three quarters of it. Now if you think while reading this blog you will find out what the play’s story is, you missed the left and have gone straight ahead. Back up a little, a little more, a little bit more.  Right! Here you are. In this blog you will get an Idea of what the play’s experience is. You will have to watch the play to get the whole picture.

I have never seen a guitar being put to such a versatile use any time in my life. Now Music in itself is versatile. But live music in a play on stage was phenomenally done. I loved each bit of it. It was an experience where I felt after a long time that I am back in time in my childhood and watching a school play being done brilliantly well and I clapped so hard that my palms have now become hard.

                They explained in their subtle, sarcastic side of Romeo and Juliet. The lovely part of the play is that there were so many moments of applaud, so many moments of awe that it went on a high note and they held it there. For quite a while there were Giggles and applause, Applause and giggles. It went back and forth so many times, that we almost on a rhythm where we knew that just around the corner something funny is going to happen.


                The winner of The Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award 2012, Romeo and Juliet – No Strings Attached is a comedy built on the premise that we are all bound by strings that hold us back and let us free. A bunch of puppets (actors), real good actors huh, come alive in an empty auditorium, after their show has been shut down, and just before they escape to live ‘free’ lives, decide to enact the play they’ve been built to perform – William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Only this time, they’re doing it for no one but themselves. What follows is an irreverent play that keeps going off on tangents but keeps coming back to the classical text whether the puppets want it that way or not. It concludes with the thought: ‘Are we free only because we think we are – no strings attached. Directed by Prashanth Nair

Whoever is reading this, if you were to have a free spirit, you would have had it by now, so next time when you take a decision of free spirit, Well do it !

The unconventional bunch of people, at the helm of Tahatto, are dedicated to learning, practicing and presenting plays that are quirky, topical and, let’s not forget, entertaining. Firmly rooted in the belief that theatre is as much the property of the viewer as it is of the practitioner, Tahatto has no illusions of what we are, and how hard we need to work to be where we want to be. And the fun that comes along, is a bonus!


Brilliant, I tell you, Brilliant!!   964570_565807423471702_1601294440_o

“Please DON’T FEED THE FISSSSSSH” – Hidden in Plain sight

“Terror, Turn and Run!”


Those were the exact words to the question, “what was your first reaction when you learned that you had to do a solo act in the play”.  Mallika Prasad, an actor with the caliber to hold the stage alone for an hour. Now, how do I put that across without, it sounding exaggerating and without it being an undertone to her compliment? You’re right, I can’t. It was brilliantly portrayed. There must be a place for all the lost messages in the universe of communication. Mallika showed us that place in the play Hidden in Plain sight. (I have learnt a very important lesson that “Synopsis is Important”)

Every time an email bounces you get a response from the Mailer Daemon. This is her story. Well actually, it’s about the mails she’s received about a kitty party that got out of hand. And text fragments from someone whose apartment walls are shrinking. And a set of lost messages are from someone wandering in the mountains. Where does it all connect? Somewhere in the universe there is a place where all the lost words go, a place for the message in a bottle that just kept drifting.  The physical, the verbal and the contextual movement had emerged from Kalarippayattu. If you are reading this and you don’t understand Kalarippayattu and if Kung-fu sounds more familiar you need to start using google properly, perhaps Wikipedia too.

Anyway, I was amazed at the characters that Mallika Prasad played. She was very well versed in tone, sound and her performance. Holding that for an hour is no joke whatsoever.

These are a few answers that they had to give about ‘Actor’s Ensemble’

The idea of creating ‘portraits’ of four women on stage was a strong focus. I worked with playwright and partner-in-crime Ram Ganesh Kamatham, to develop the text. We have successfully worked together for six years with only brief periods of “I don’t ever want to talk to that one again!” We developed this piece together for over a year before its first show in London mid 2012.

They have been performing ‘Hidden in plain sight’ all over world with the vibrant response. People who understood the portrayal would be in awe of the actor, the script and each aspect that has been worked upon.

All in all it was a theatrical spectacle. Actors Ensemble has blended the story of ‘Mailer- Deamon so well that the ones that follow the play will go home with a mind full of thoughts. Well played. Bravo.



Zakir was Just Joke(s)ing(h) with a (ma)heep of dust, Would you say “Sonva – (Abish)”

There have been days when I’ve cried out of sheer laughter. The tears come out and an uncontrollable wit that I am gets me to rub my eyes and continue Laughing.

Joke! Joker! Jokest!527013_3808309569686_1551329640_n

The show was amazingly good. I was right in the front row of Jagriti when I saw a person come on stage and constantly pick on others and make fun of him, which was hilarious. He was Joke Singh. Nishant Joke Singh! He was off the top funny with jokes and a great presence of mind and a stage presence. HE started the roll so well and everyone was on the same page. Page 52! Nishant set the crowd for an evening of stand-up


Then came in Zakir Khan who was timid, soft spoken and with an outlook of a menial labourer.
He set the ball rolling for the audience and his material was very much in Hindi and he loved his context and most of his work revolved around his life experiences. His jokes were very relatable to the young generation who have just finished engineering or someone who has not had a girlfriend all his teen life. Zakhir khan was pretty hilarious and his lower tone made it as funny as it was.


Maheep Singh Ji! Well before a write a paragraph about this guy I’d like to paint a picture for you all. Imagine a very fat guy with a terrifying look and a harmless attitude trying to make everyone laugh. It was like Johny leaver stuck in Amrish Puri’s body.  Which reminds me, Ha ha. Back to Maheep Singh. His jokes were laid back and played well. His Punjabi overtone was very much present during his act and it was a very good set. The Audience at Jagriti was right with him on each note.

Abish Mathew, Oh let me re introduce him, Look alike replica, younger brother Sachin Tendulkar.735071_10151172895176073_529535992_n

Stage presence, showmanship, intonation and a very good stand-up. He was a very good choice as the fourth runner. His speed, his tone and everything that he did was pretty amazing including a Slow motion imitation. His Persona and love for stand up was the hardest thing that hit us. Clean comedy and family entertainment .They all sang a parody and it was great. I guess what I’m trying to write here is that Joke Joke Jokest was an amazing act that was thoroughly entertaining and I had to write it in my blog.

(Sorry to the artists if I have used a bad image of you, what God has created I cannot change! Thank you)

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