And the winner is (!Tahatto!) (Applause Applause)

Romeo and Juliet- NSA- The winner of The Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award 2012


Wow that’s so romantic is what I heard my girlfriend’s friend tell her. I heard about it and I was excited to see Puppets and clowns part of Romeo and Juliet. Now Humor has its own soft corner in my heart. In fact it takes up three quarters of it. Now if you think while reading this blog you will find out what the play’s story is, you missed the left and have gone straight ahead. Back up a little, a little more, a little bit more.  Right! Here you are. In this blog you will get an Idea of what the play’s experience is. You will have to watch the play to get the whole picture.

I have never seen a guitar being put to such a versatile use any time in my life. Now Music in itself is versatile. But live music in a play on stage was phenomenally done. I loved each bit of it. It was an experience where I felt after a long time that I am back in time in my childhood and watching a school play being done brilliantly well and I clapped so hard that my palms have now become hard.

                They explained in their subtle, sarcastic side of Romeo and Juliet. The lovely part of the play is that there were so many moments of applaud, so many moments of awe that it went on a high note and they held it there. For quite a while there were Giggles and applause, Applause and giggles. It went back and forth so many times, that we almost on a rhythm where we knew that just around the corner something funny is going to happen.


                The winner of The Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award 2012, Romeo and Juliet – No Strings Attached is a comedy built on the premise that we are all bound by strings that hold us back and let us free. A bunch of puppets (actors), real good actors huh, come alive in an empty auditorium, after their show has been shut down, and just before they escape to live ‘free’ lives, decide to enact the play they’ve been built to perform – William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Only this time, they’re doing it for no one but themselves. What follows is an irreverent play that keeps going off on tangents but keeps coming back to the classical text whether the puppets want it that way or not. It concludes with the thought: ‘Are we free only because we think we are – no strings attached. Directed by Prashanth Nair

Whoever is reading this, if you were to have a free spirit, you would have had it by now, so next time when you take a decision of free spirit, Well do it !

The unconventional bunch of people, at the helm of Tahatto, are dedicated to learning, practicing and presenting plays that are quirky, topical and, let’s not forget, entertaining. Firmly rooted in the belief that theatre is as much the property of the viewer as it is of the practitioner, Tahatto has no illusions of what we are, and how hard we need to work to be where we want to be. And the fun that comes along, is a bonus!


Brilliant, I tell you, Brilliant!!   964570_565807423471702_1601294440_o

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