Zakir was Just Joke(s)ing(h) with a (ma)heep of dust, Would you say “Sonva – (Abish)”

There have been days when I’ve cried out of sheer laughter. The tears come out and an uncontrollable wit that I am gets me to rub my eyes and continue Laughing.

Joke! Joker! Jokest!527013_3808309569686_1551329640_n

The show was amazingly good. I was right in the front row of Jagriti when I saw a person come on stage and constantly pick on others and make fun of him, which was hilarious. He was Joke Singh. Nishant Joke Singh! He was off the top funny with jokes and a great presence of mind and a stage presence. HE started the roll so well and everyone was on the same page. Page 52! Nishant set the crowd for an evening of stand-up


Then came in Zakir Khan who was timid, soft spoken and with an outlook of a menial labourer.
He set the ball rolling for the audience and his material was very much in Hindi and he loved his context and most of his work revolved around his life experiences. His jokes were very relatable to the young generation who have just finished engineering or someone who has not had a girlfriend all his teen life. Zakhir khan was pretty hilarious and his lower tone made it as funny as it was.


Maheep Singh Ji! Well before a write a paragraph about this guy I’d like to paint a picture for you all. Imagine a very fat guy with a terrifying look and a harmless attitude trying to make everyone laugh. It was like Johny leaver stuck in Amrish Puri’s body.  Which reminds me, Ha ha. Back to Maheep Singh. His jokes were laid back and played well. His Punjabi overtone was very much present during his act and it was a very good set. The Audience at Jagriti was right with him on each note.

Abish Mathew, Oh let me re introduce him, Look alike replica, younger brother Sachin Tendulkar.735071_10151172895176073_529535992_n

Stage presence, showmanship, intonation and a very good stand-up. He was a very good choice as the fourth runner. His speed, his tone and everything that he did was pretty amazing including a Slow motion imitation. His Persona and love for stand up was the hardest thing that hit us. Clean comedy and family entertainment .They all sang a parody and it was great. I guess what I’m trying to write here is that Joke Joke Jokest was an amazing act that was thoroughly entertaining and I had to write it in my blog.

(Sorry to the artists if I have used a bad image of you, what God has created I cannot change! Thank you)

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These guys are on my list and you van search for them.


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