“Please DON’T FEED THE FISSSSSSH” – Hidden in Plain sight

“Terror, Turn and Run!”


Those were the exact words to the question, “what was your first reaction when you learned that you had to do a solo act in the play”.  Mallika Prasad, an actor with the caliber to hold the stage alone for an hour. Now, how do I put that across without, it sounding exaggerating and without it being an undertone to her compliment? You’re right, I can’t. It was brilliantly portrayed. There must be a place for all the lost messages in the universe of communication. Mallika showed us that place in the play Hidden in Plain sight. (I have learnt a very important lesson that “Synopsis is Important”)

Every time an email bounces you get a response from the Mailer Daemon. This is her story. Well actually, it’s about the mails she’s received about a kitty party that got out of hand. And text fragments from someone whose apartment walls are shrinking. And a set of lost messages are from someone wandering in the mountains. Where does it all connect? Somewhere in the universe there is a place where all the lost words go, a place for the message in a bottle that just kept drifting.  The physical, the verbal and the contextual movement had emerged from Kalarippayattu. If you are reading this and you don’t understand Kalarippayattu and if Kung-fu sounds more familiar you need to start using google properly, perhaps Wikipedia too.

Anyway, I was amazed at the characters that Mallika Prasad played. She was very well versed in tone, sound and her performance. Holding that for an hour is no joke whatsoever.

These are a few answers that they had to give about ‘Actor’s Ensemble’

The idea of creating ‘portraits’ of four women on stage was a strong focus. I worked with playwright and partner-in-crime Ram Ganesh Kamatham, to develop the text. We have successfully worked together for six years with only brief periods of “I don’t ever want to talk to that one again!” We developed this piece together for over a year before its first show in London mid 2012.

They have been performing ‘Hidden in plain sight’ all over world with the vibrant response. People who understood the portrayal would be in awe of the actor, the script and each aspect that has been worked upon.

All in all it was a theatrical spectacle. Actors Ensemble has blended the story of ‘Mailer- Deamon so well that the ones that follow the play will go home with a mind full of thoughts. Well played. Bravo.




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