And then they asked “What happened?” He replied, “Long story short. New BMW totaled!”


The moment you see a set on stage that resembles a living room, you know that it has the potential to blow the audience away. I’ve never watched the play ‘Rumors’ before. I now think, I’m glad I watched it for the very first time being played by Playtonik Productions. To be honest with you, I’ve been a little, just a little intimidated, like an introvert from my teens. Ok, more than just a little. OK! I’ve been scared out of my very nerves when I make eye contact with any beautiful lady. This past weekend I had that same teen scared feeling again sitting in the audience. That’s right I was in a crowd and I still got scared, the reason being Playtonik’s Rumors. The women on stage were both gorgeous and in character. It’s always good to watch a play that grips you right from the word “BANG”!  (I should not have said that. I should not have told you that)

Anyways The play goes on with great comic timing, brilliant stage presence while the women are busy making the stage look good, the guys are all competing as to who can be the “Best guy up there, or down there (if you know Jagriti theatre)”.  I don’t want to mention names, so Shraddha Srinath, Mohan Ram, Roli Arun, Jimmy Xavier, Siddharth Kumar, Tulika Majumdar, Deeban Chakravarthy and Sunanda Khosla!  These people with the crew  Arun Bhat, Imran put up a play that was not only worth watching it was worth bragging about. The best plays are not the ones with the loudest claps and the loudest roar of laughter. The best plays are the ones which have claps and laughter all throughout. Playtoniks were able to pull off an all evening’er’. There were claps and laughter throughout the play.

It was brilliant, and if you think I’m gonna tell you anything about the totaled BMW, forget about it. You think you can read about it and try and figure out what the play is like. Alright! Wikipedia ‘Rumors, the play’. Go ahead! But guess what you won’t have the experience that we had watching it this weekend. It was outstanding, brilliant and an awesome weekend.

Kudos to the team and next time these guys are around for a play, and if you are the kind of person who loves to laugh you should check them out. (Ok, I can go on talking about them if you are willing to read a dozen more words like awesomeness, brilliant and magnificent and all that) Once again Jagriti had a great show delivered and everyone had a great evening. (If i’ve missed anyone’s name out, you are entitled to ask me for free chocolates!)

(PS I love you!) 892495_641293099216781_1810210212_o


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