Just Imagine ‘Lights’! ‘Camera’! ‘Action’! ‘Applause’!

I’ve always thought what it’s like to write a play or a plot that would receive a standing ovation. What goes through the director’s mind? What goes through the actors’ minds? Who gets to top a scene to make it just a little better than the usual. Alas I never found any such answer.  You see standing ovation is an honour that an artist desires when he’s performing on stage. He wishes to go beyond the usual and make a difference with his presence.

Being Sartak Majumdar was a play that started with the audience engulfed. There were great moments of acting portrayed by the actors. As part of the audience I was anticipating each moment and as the play unfolded it got better and better and oh yeah even better.

The Mannequins presented ‘Being Sartak Majumdar’ by Karan B. Shetty who has worked as an assistant director, director’s assistant and a copywriter in various production houses and advertising agencies in Bangalore and Mumbai. His interest in theatre began during his college days at R.V.C.E Bangalore, where he headed the dramatics team and also tried completing his degree in mechanical engineering.

Selected for Thespo 2012 (Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai) and Kala Ghoda Festival 2013 (Max Mueller Bhavan/NCPA, Mumbai). It was most recently performed at Alliance Francaise Chennai, in collaboration with Stray Factory. An older version of the play was staged at Alliance Francaise Bangalore, and has also won awards at national level intercollegiate festivals during 2009-11.

Being Sartak Majumdar had one fact that made it receive a standing ovation the day it played at the Jagriti. The audience was at first given a steady moving story and the team ‘The Mannequins’ were successfully able to steer the story with excitement, vibe and such a strong connect that the after though stayed for hours. They story came together and when the whole play was being put together It looked like a masterpiece. I’m not kidding when I say the following.

“I was watching the play and as I saw the anti climax starting to connect and the climax that lead after that, there was this one moment that made me awe struck. I whispered ever so softly to myself “Master stroke” this followed the mammoth applause and a standing ovation at the Jagriti theatre.  I loved Being Sartak Majumdar and The Mannequins had done a flamboyant job! Kudos!

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