& They Never Disappoint!

I was on my way to Jagriti theatre once again to watch another play. Let me paint a picture about how my experience this time was. I reached the gates at Jagriti at about 2 : 30 and I stepped inside, looked around and stepped outside for a cup of coffee. But there was something on my mind, A picture of what I saw at the entrance. Here it is. IMG_9810  It was kept to the theme and I liked the idea of spreading the aura of the play out.  The play has the following synopsis, The wedding feast is over and his father’s dancing the bhangra, but the groom himself is busy on the net, and when it’s time for bed, he’s so woefully inhibited by the proximity of his parents, let alone his brother’s childish pranks, that his beautiful virgin bride remains just that. Six weeks later, the whole family starts to panic. Featuring floundering fathers, meddlesome mothers, sleepless sons and an untouched bride, Rafta, Rafta… is a hugely warm-hearted comic tale of close-knit Indian families living abroad by the writer of East is East.

Now the feasting was on a high when the play commenced. You could perhaps find yourself doing a tinge of bhangra yourself if you were to let go and relax in the seat. I was having the feeling,  “Jaise kisi bade ghar ki shaadi ho, main dawat pe aaya hoon and i’ve become invisible while the other guests have left. You know those times when you’re at a place for a wedding and you should leave but you just want to hang around for a couple more minutes. Or better yet, the exhausting phase when you’ve danced too much and pappu and tinku’s are playing the around cos they are 8 and 9 years old an you just want to go home and sleep but you don’t want to leave the Shaadi ka Ghar!! Same to same feeling thi ji!!” The play goes on with all the characters and I mean all the characters came across very solid. I mean from the word go, as I said the warm welcoming entrance to the shaadi waale lights. (See, I was thinking ke did I forget to take a picture of something and now I realize that it’s the shaadi waale lights, but you get the picture right). The best part that got me into the mood of the play as per what the synopsis suggested were the songs. The best songs that you could imagine being played at an authentic Indian wedding abroad was played today at Jagriti.

When I walked out entertained and trying to count the number of moments that made me laugh a lot, I heard a woman say the words “Akvarious Never Disappoints”! At first I was in complete agreement of this. Then that made me sad. This was the very first play of Akvarious that I watched and all I can say is Impeccable!


The Cast of Rafta-Rafta by Akvarious Productions!


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