This reminds me… Tu Joint bana saale!!!

You know there’s always that one friend you go to when you wanna score some. A typical set up of the Chilled Bro of the group. The Baba with the jadibooti, the roller, the Maaldaar. There’s a friend of mine who’s so chilled all the time. His place was exactly what I saw on the set of ‘Bombed’. There’s the bean bag, the hygienic yet ulta-pulta everything; clothes, magazines, music system, lighter, and a game controller. Trippy music…. wait a minute, once you’re high, isn’t any music, trippy. The point is ‘There’s something about playing Fifa Stoned that I can relate so well to.’ (The game lasted for hours…I didn’t score even once…I watched this play thinking, this set up looks so familiar. There was comedy, humour, laughter…I was laughing the whole while. And yes I was thinking about the last time I… was on a trip. I kept dancing.

Akvarious uses this language of good diction with words that you and I use, quite often…The play is very funny. It was too good fun.





We asked a few people about ‘Bombed’ and here’s what they said….

  • Dude! I’m so baked…What did you ask?
  • Totally Bro, we should totally chill it together sometime ..
  • Bombed is a hilarious comedy… I watched with my parents and now they have my joint!
  • Bombed was witty and still I was touched… No pun intended.
  • Bombed? This reminds me… Tu Joint bana saale!!!

Beneath all this there is a story that Bombed delivers that truly makes you think… People change. Not everyone is rotting. It’s never too late to start…

Click here if you’ve chilled before…

Click here to Chill Now!





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