Thank you, Jagriti!


I’ve worked in a cubicle for 2 years. I worked as a junior copywriter for a year. But the last one year has been the most rewarding. I watched the Vagina Monologues on March 15 2013 at Jagriti. I wanted to volunteer at the space and I was excited to see the lights, the people reacting to different performers. I wanted to watch more Theatre.

I started coming to Jagriti on weekends. It was so much fun and it was scary at the beginning. I had to do ‘Latecomers’ duty and that meant to turn back anyone who is late. I was never an authoritative person. As far as I remember I was always a pushover. I would be as solemn as I could possibly be. I would watch people come out and congratulate the performers. Take photos together, speak for a while and talk about the aspects that were amazing in the performance. I started handling Jagriti’s online work. I would take interviews of performers. I would update events on Couchsurfing. I started speaking to other people who want to volunteer. I got to watch plays for free. I started volunteering, watching plays. That process repeatedly and I got more and more addicted to the fact that people were glued to the performer, more often than not, and would react to each of their movements.

I then started taking my role at Jagriti more seriously. I would be in the Foyer and greet people on behalf of Jagriti, usher people with a smile and handle latecomers with the same solemn face but humbly and with more authority.

April 1st 2014 was my first day at Jagriti as a full time employee. In my mind I was rejoicing as a striker would after shooting the final goal in Extra time.

I’ve been watching plays week after week and I’ve never been so grateful.

I got to meet Sanjay Manaktala, Kanan Gill, Amit Tandon and Atul Khatri when they performed at Jagriti. I’ve been doing open mics in Bangalore for over a year and after 2 years of working in a cubicle and as a copy writer, I could not ask for a better job along which I keep trying my hand at Stand up. Guess what I’m trying to say is today I’m glad I work at a space that hosts quality English Language Theatre, week after a week and working among performers who are always acting.

In the last 4 months I’ve been thankful to Jagriti to allow me to support the Stand up scene by getting comedians to take thrust stage every Wednesday. The Fat Chef has also been welcoming to accommodate an idea of having an Open Mic to give anyone a chance to try their hand at Stand up.

Thank you, Jagriti. Thank you very much!