Adults – Kids who don’t fear getting into trouble

You know the moment when as a child, you’re sitting at the barbers and you’re going to get your hair cut, you know there’s going to be the use of a razor to level the hair on the back of your head. It’s going to involve a tingling feeling. Before I knew what an orgasm was, that was the feeling I would get once every two months for a few seconds. I remember leveling the side locks would not be as ticklish as the back of your head. It’s like licking lime for the first time. You know you squint your eyes and it’s a feeling that comes not too often.

It’s moments like these I miss of childhood. I love being an adult, because it feels like being a child in the big world.
I also miss the fear of being in trouble. Somewhere along the line we come a point where we aren’t scared anymore. What if I lost a hundred rupees? What if I don’t finish the assignment? What if I break something?

As a kid I had this fear. The upside was the afterthought of bliss where you know your parents, or anyone who’s looking after you found out that you broke a vase but they’re not that angry. You feel like running for as long as you can.

I miss running for as long as I can…


One thought on “Adults – Kids who don’t fear getting into trouble

  1. On the flip side, children are fearless.. and there’s a kinda fear that creeps in with age. U know what I mean.. we tend to be more cautious and weigh the pro and cons and over think as adults..I miss that spontaneity and free spirit that fearlessness gave us…not that we’re very different now. Not yet.

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