This part of my life… this part right here. This is called “happiness”.

I watched ‘In Pursuit of Happyness’ when someone suggested that it’s a movie that I have to see. No matter how many movies you watch there’s always that one moment, every 4 months when you meet someone and they say, Oh you haven’t watched “12 Angry Men?” You must! It’s amazing. I’ve watched it by the way, it’s amazing. you must! It’s amazing

I breakdown, each time, while watching ‘In Pursuit of Happyness’ when he spends the whole night in a public restroom with his son just so his son can sleep through the night, when he fixes the bone density scanner, but I just could not stop crying when Chris Gardner hears that words, “Wear one tomorrow, because tomorrow is going to be your first day”. And when he walks out of the office, not knowing what to do. Not able to fathom that, this is it. I wanted to reach here. This place. I’m here! Phew! What a moment. I start walking up and down my room as well. Quite silly, but I do that. I get into the movie.

It’s the exact same way when a game of football is being played and team works hard for a goal and scores. I love that moment.

I wonder sometimes, is it a good thing to be sensitive, to be vulnerable or on the contrary to be able to watch a movie like its a movie, so your not really moved. I get so moved. If I watch a movie that is well written or well done, I get so connected that once the movie is over, I feel like I should run for a couple hours, even if it’s during nightfall.

I once watched a movie with a girl and I started crying and she didn’t. I felt embarrassed at the start but then I just rolled with it like it was no big deal. Every once in a while I feel like crying is amazing because it let’s you silently yell out what you have been wanting to.

So if you ever see me coming out from a movie that’s intense, get out the way cos I’d be about to start running.

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