Have you ever been intimidated when you met someone for the first time? As a child did you ever break something? Did you then fix it and during dinner your attention was on the fact that no one should notice? When was the last time you had the fear of getting into trouble at home? Do you recollect how light you felt when you confessed your crime and your parents didn’t wallop you?

Did you have a classmate who died at a young age and sometimes you just remember them? Do you think of all the fun times you shared? When you go to some place after quite sometime do you think about the moment the last time you were there? Have you ever made tea, in the morning for your entire family?

How come when you meet your cousins you talk all night long and then don’t hear from them till you next meet them? Do you think that night is special because you don’t hear from them? which was the first Al Pacino movie you watched? Has someone asked you the question whether you’ve watched ‘Citizen Kane’? Have you ever watched ‘Citizen Kane’?

Do you remember your first kiss? Did you mess it up too and were breathing heavily? Do you have someone in your life, who is not the special someone, but someone who you love to have conversations with all night long? Did you know that I’m going to be asking so many questions here afterwards?

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