10 Attempted One liners | Puns | PJs

1.I had a hole in my heart when I was born and doctors said it will fill up as you grow. “It’s still there”, said the midget.
2.Doesn’t it seem like adults are just kids who know where kids come from?
3.I always hum in my bathroom because I sing so bad that I don’t think I can make it as a bathroom singer.
4.I used to love watching crackers as a kid. Now I’ve grown up, I watch waffers.
5.I danced as a girl in high school, Not out of choice.
6.When you’re a younger sibling people notice your work more at home. Sorry that’s “people notice you work more, at home”
7.I could never go topless in public. I’m too insecure. Unless I’m naked in the bottom. Then I’m game.
8. If belts were made to hold your pants up and you belt down food, why would you invent a word and used it against itself?
9. If you aspire to stay in the middle then can you sing “started from the bottom now we here!”, will it mean the same.
10.If a person died while indulging in oral sex with someone called Dapee pull and the soul went into the person the aforementioned person was with, than can you say, He went down on Dapee pull, with Dapee Pull, into Dapee Pull

I’m sorry. Don’t leave me. Sometimes I should have a filter that stops garbage from my brain to reach the world. #NoFilter

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