It’s gonna be legen – wait for it… wait, wait!

I like catchphrases. But I don’t like the ones that make it to the top. Once you say something way too often it loses it’s edge. Like off the top of my head I hate the catchphrase,
“I’ll be back!” or “Hasta la vista Baby”, purely out of the fact that it’s too common and not a catchphrase.
There are a few catch phrases that are in the middle, that aren’t too famous that you could use as an actual catch phrase.

I’m like the fact that not many people use, “Here’s looking at you kid!” Something that I can use for a while. Also there are phrases that never made it big and I don’t really know why. Like Al Pacino’s character, in Glengary Glen Ross says “You never open your mouth, untill you know what the shot is!”
How is that not a top notch catchphrase?

“You talking to me?” is another one that poeple don’t really use it the way De Niro did it.
“Say Hello to my little friend” is another classic and so is “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Then you have the cartoons ones that you can’t forget.
“Sufferin’ succotash”, “What’s up, doc?” “Jinkies!” But also there’s a few that didn’t make it big either. Like “Don’t you believe it.” I’m pretty sure you know where that came from.

Like a good friend of mine once told me, don’t use offensive word without reason, so is a catch phrase. Don’t use a catchphrase without any reason.

And while we’re on that subject. when you find a phrase that over time might become a catchphrase, hang on to it. Who knows when the big ones lose their charm, the one you held on to might become the next big catchphrase.


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