Fifa = Awesomeness

Hey Guys, I’d want to start by saying that I’m a huge Fifa fan. Be it the classic 98 where we had the most awesome Brazil team of all times, the 2004 version or any of the latest ones, I’ve loved playing Fifa as long as I remember.
Here are a few things I will do when I’m playing Fifa.

For starters, if you’ve never tried to score with the the striker at kickoff, you’re wasting your time. Please just stop playing Fifa. I’ve tried scoring with the striker and the moment you score you’ve got this feeling of the most bad-ass Fifa player ever. If you’ve never brought your goal keeper to shoot a goal, again, please just put down the controller and go to bed.

You’ve always got these matches when you’re not able to shoot even a goal and then you have some where you score like 21 – 2. And you think to yourself, EA Sports rocks.

A few pointers for awesomeness in Fifa :-
Always have a snack handy…
Never quit a game at half time…
It’s always good to be down by a few goals at half time…
Penalties are goals that should not count…
You should limit the number of times one should be able to slide and tackle…
Also if you got a goal in the last minute you should get up and celebrate…

More about Fifa later!


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