Gig#1 Indigo Live Music Bar on 12 July 2015

This is the first gig that I’m writing about. It started slow with 6 people in the audience and all them getting agitated by the minute very rightly by the fact that we did not start on time. I got to go first up as soon as the host went up. A mentor and a fellow Comic, Praveen Kumar looked at me and told me you will do well. I can see it. Go have fun.

I went up and it was so intimate and nice that my set went well. I got to have fun on stage and that could be seen. I did not record my set but when I came down. Praveen looked at me with the expression “My Man!”

I’m glad each gig that goes by is so much fun. I never thought I’d love performing stand up so much.

Punya started her set and went on the get the biggest applause of the night yet. Just to be caught up by the Theatrical Sumukhi and not to forget, the last mega bomb of the show was Utsav who had a very strong ending.

Punya’s act has always been very well put together.
Sumukhi’s was the most expressive.
Utsav has always been the most vivid and entertainingly loud.

I’ve watched Kritarth grow into this comic who will get the last laugh. He does his bits and he works very well. He makes it seem effortless.

So overall. These were to awesome people I performed with at the show.

(PS- Naveen Richard was in the house laughing his ass off. {After the show})


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