You made my day!

I think this phrase is taking out the happiness of giving. I don’t have anything against the phrase per se but hey! Sometimes people do things that make more than just your day.

I mean here you are planning a birthday surprise by getting your friend’s favourite singer to send a personal message and he’s singing a song, impromptu, for your friend while blowing kisses and you’re watching the video “live” as he’s walking towards you on a beach and a sea gull from across the oceans brings a goodies bag, holding it between its beaks. The goodie bag has a playstation, game of thrones extras DVD, some cup cakes, a cheese cake and a some amazing cold coffee and one the other side a bunch of over enthusiastic, under rehearsed dancing friends are doing a flash mob and you get the whole finale to yourself and all you can say is “Thanks Guys! You just “made my day”!”
You made my day should be for the times when you get the perfect breakfast at the perfect time when you’re in just waking up from bed.
That will just, “make your day”
You get the point though right!

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