He really knows his onions. He should buy toothpaste though!

I recently heard this phrase.
You know this guy really knows his onions. That is a legitmate phrase that has ring to it. Some jokes just right themselves. This one is written by me.
I mean do you think they came up with other vegetables before they locked on onions. It would have been interesting to see a few groups fighting for their vegetable
to be the taker of the phrase. It would have boiled down to two men trying to prove a point about some knowledgable person and battling it out to prove if he knew his onions or his plums.

That would have been an amazing phrase. He knows his plums. It can be phrase. It should be phrase. It is in the vicinity of being a phrase. I think somewhere this phrase is waiting for it’s chance to exist. I would want to live in world where someone really knows their plums.

My point here is onions are a little too common for not enough people to know them. If you say “John really knows his plums, half the people would turn around and say, well, I certainly don’t. John must really know his plums.

I want to start a whole range of these..

Like if someone knows a lot about romance, you’d say, Sid really knows his avacadoes
Someone was an expert in seduction, you’d say Andriana knows her olives alright!

We should have more of these when it comes to someone knowing what they really know.

What if someone knows a lot about onions and hates it because he’s been around it for so long, can you still say He knows his onions!

send me a reply on chugani.shankar@gmail.com if you want to know if I know my onions or not…


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