I used to hate Justin Bieber

As a teen or even in my early twenties, I used to hate Justin Bieber. I never followed him. I never used go out of my way to say bad things about him, but I would put up this front that I hate him and his music.

And then one day I heard Never Say Never. I loved that song. For the longest time I’ve only heard that song of Justin Bieber. I still love it.

Recently I’ve grown this sense of acceptence to Justin. I mean I thought about it and if you, as far as your memory goes back, can only remember people shouting your name, then you’d have a different sense of life altogether too. I came to terms with the fact that I would have been much worse if I were to ever get fame at that age. I don’t think I would have lasted.

I’m not saying I like his music now. I still love “never say never’ but now I don’t really have this hate against him.

The roast was a nice move. A gesture that I really adored. A funny guy, who can take a joke and who can poke fun at others too.

I think in the next decade if Justin Bieber makes good music then I’m definitely going to be a fan.

I’m glad I had nothing to blog today so I could sit down and this realiztion to surface.
I hope someday I can find a song that I love as much as Never Say Never, of Justin Bieber

Cheers Justin!

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