Comedian’s thoughts with BGM

(In Bruges sound track till that real nice part that you listen and take a deep breath)

I was wandering alone in my room,
Not because I’m intellectual, but because I have Alzheimer’s.
Too Dark.
I took a sip of my coffee and looked out my window.
There was construction going on and someone was waiting.
I knew he was waiting because, ‘Honk! Honk!

(The best part of “I can feel it coming in the air tonight”)

I go have my shower and walk out of my shower naked,
Because I live alone and I’m awesome that way.
I wear my favourite watch and open my laptop.
I still had some unfinished business.
I hit escape and then it all starts again.
Still naked.

(EA Sports It’s in the Game)

I score. I try celebrating.
Same celebration, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I can hear the tap dripping in the sink.
I walk up to my gas and get a cup of coffee when my phone rings.

(Mere Chana hai apni marzi ka, marzi ka bhai marzi ka)

I think Al Pacino would be great in Dilip Kumar’s role in that movie.
The exact same thought came to me when I assigned that ringtone
I sip coffee and then go play a game again. Baryen Munich 4- 0 Manchester City.

(I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour)

When will I ever stop watching friends


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