Questions only

who was the first person ever to think of lifting things with toes? Is there a possibility it was a cripple? Should it have not been just crippled who should be doing that? Why don’t we have a way to listen to music on two-wheeler vehicles like we have for cars, without the use of earphones? Is it possible that our generation being the first to use earphones have not yet deciphered the harmful effects of it? Is it natural to laugh at dark jokes? How dark is too dark? Do you think Satan is looking at the earth and getting Hitler jokes and has a leader-board of the best ones? Is it bad if you get molested and don’t get scarred by it for life? What if you were the only one to know you were molested and it doesn’t harm you? What if you only look at it like a bad memory?

Who do you think Grandma finds attractive? Is there a reason why selfie sticks are not seen as transformer golf clubs? Who do you think would win in a Ronaldo vs Messi joke off? Do you remember Grosso’s equalizing goal for the world cup? Do you remember your mother taking you around the sink and teaching you how to brush your teeth? Whatever happened to Talpe? Did you always win in “Guess Who” because you memorized the personalities and their positions?

Why do they say that a fox married a crow when it rains and is sunny at the same time? Did the fox consider any other option? Is the crow being punished? How much dowry?

Why was there such a huge cry for MJ once he was gone? Why wasn’t there a huge cry when ‘This is it’ was on? Do you think Michael was the way he was because he was molested?

Why do people not dance more?


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