I love flaws…

I love flaws
I love a flaw. Now, bad intentions are not flaws. Acting on bad intentions are not flaws. A flaw is something that, in my opinion, makes you who you are. I was wondering if I should say ‘makes you who you are”, or ‘makes you you.” I will never look at flaw and say that you should change that. If there is ill intention, due to any reason. I would say change that.

I love flaws and I love the fact that I have flaws. I used to hate the fact that I’m short. I’ve accepted it because now there are things that I can do because I’m short. I love it when someone likes to drink after a long day of work, someone eats sweets. I once knew a girl who told me a story about her grandma, and said that her Grand Ma used to eat, drink and dress up well, a lot. She said that many people told her to not eat oily stuff because it will kill her & she was over 75. It got me thinking well if you’re over 75 and you feel like eating oily food and can eat it, good for you.

I procrastinate.
I am too quick to act.
I am a pushover.
I don’t make great first impressions.
I’m hyperactive.
I have a sense of inferiority complex.
I am very shabby at times.
I am low maintenance.
I am lactose intolerant.
I don’t have a fixed goal and I just do what looks like not skipping scenes.
I love flaws.

Another flaw: I don’t check my blog throughly before I put it up.

2 thoughts on “I love flaws…

  1. It is inspiring to see someone acknowledging their faults and it really touched my heart. I love reading your blogs and I wish you the very best for your future!!

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