Conversations with my mind

Me: Hey I need a piece of you!
Mind: What do you mean?
Me: This girl really annoyed me. I want to get back at her.
Mind: Hey! Before you do that, I have this thing I want to show you.
Me: What is it? I want to get back at her. Like with a smart line or an insult joke.
Mind: It’s something to with this person who is annoying to you?
Me: Oh Yeah! what is it?
Mind: Look! Look! You’ll see it.
Me: I can’t see anything. It’s a blank wall and what’s this dot doing in the centre.
Mind: This thing is what I wanted to show you.
Me: How is this related to her? What’s your point?
Mind: I’ve been thinking when you’ve been busy. You know, when they say, Mindless thinking… I’ve been doing that.
Me: I’m all ears.
Mind: If you let go of this annoyance, you won’t have a reason to get back at someone.
Me: So you’re trying to tell me, I should simply sit back and let her, or anyone for that matter, keep annoying me and I should not do anything about it?
Mind: No. That’s not what I meant. Voice yourself. State what you feel like and step aside without carrying any hate, wrath or anything negative. Just let it be. You chill.
Me: This sounds like a better plan than it is.
Mind: That’s the point, that there is no point in doing what you’re doing. Your choices are either you put her down and feel good about yourself or you feel good about yourself and just put her down.
Me: Let’s talk about the point again. This is much better.
Mind: I’m glad I could help. Remember these three points Shunky.
1. It’s okay to let go.
2. It’s not the end of the world if someone annoys you.
3. Your Momma so fat that her idea of foreplay is shoving food down her throat.
Me: Dude, that’s what she said! I need a piece of you! Just…..


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