I want to… err.. waste 2 minutes of yours…

I want to write a book…
A book that does not have many characters. There’s just one character throughout the book.
A book that will not, somehow, end sadly. But somehow, sadly, the book will end.
A book that will not have a sequel and may be made into a movie also written by me.

I want to write a movie….
A movie that starts with a young guy going to school and doing averagely well. He is not the hero…
A movie where there isn’t a villain. There isn’t a family drama either.
A movie where you will see a bunch of songs…

I want to write a song…
A song that has not a lot of romance in it. It’s about birth marks.
A song that touches you and if it does, you should alert your parents.
A song that will have a few poems in it.

I want to write a poem…
A poem that talks about honesty, about the truth in society.
A poem that will force you to think. Most of you.
A poem that has the texture of a cartoon.

I want to draw a cartoon…
A cartoon that you would want to share with others.
A cartoon that will be a tad bit funny, with a tinge of satire.
A cartoon that has a few jokes in it.

I want to write a joke…
A joke that starts with the lines, I want to write a book.


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