Kachra Ghooma! Kachra Hat-Trick…


I’ve just watched Lagaan a few times again since I watched it as a kid and I have questions now. Questions that are starting to bother me!

Did no one else think that Lakha’s catch is the most goosebumps giving moment in the Movie? Am I the only one that gets a vibe of Yuvraj Singh when you look at Lakha?
When Deva is introduced, and bowls down Aamir Khan and says “I hate Britishers”, when asked by a britisher, what does he know, why does he say “Do baatien Memsaab?”
Did he really hate Britishers?
When Ishwar, poor old man was running mad between wickets, did no one think of a by runner for him?
Did it not occur to anyone?
When Kachra is firstly added to the team, and accepted by all, Did no one think of asking his real name?
What if his real name was Rahul?
Does he not deserve a name that shows the oppression that as a society we do in the name of caste?
After the second day of match, when we lose out best batsmen, everyone goes back and starts praying, was there no atheist in the entire group?
Also why wasn’t there an Al-Pacino, Any-Given-Sunday, or a Chak De India Shah Rukh Khan, speech moment in Lagaan?Don’t you think it was required?
Did you remember watching the ending of Lagaan?
Do you remember Amitabh Bachan’s voice?
Do you remember, Amitabh narrates what happened to everyone at the end of the film?
Why is Bhuvan’s name lost in this Do you remember what he said about Kachra?

Here are a few jokes…

Why was there no family shown for Kachra?
Cos Kachra

No one cares about where lives…
Cos Kachra

There’s no girl in his life, that can rejoice with him after the only hat-trick in the match..
Cos Kachra

I want to watch Lagaan from Kachra’s point of view
Gets accepted
Second best performer
Goes back to being untouchable

Ladies and Gentlemen Good Night!

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