I’m pretty dumb…

I like these moments where I find out just how dumb I am…

I recently realized that I’m pretty stupid. I lent a friend some money. Some. Not a lot. Not enough that stops me from paying my bills. Just enough to not eat at McDonald’s once a month. And I did not bother asking him. And it came to point where after a few months I realized Hey, did I lend him money? Does he owe me 130, I mean , some money.

Here’s the thing, you can only be either one of the two people. You can’t be a nice guy and keep asking your friends to return the money. You can either be the guy who is a friend and doesn’t ask or you be the guy who asks and is not a friend anymore.


Hey Man! I owe you 45 bucks. Do you have 5 rupees change?

I also started wondering, does this happen to millionaires. Do they loan a couple lakh rupees and not ask since it doesn’t affect them?
Do they ever have a moment where they ask their friend, Hey, it’s okay the 4 lakhs you can give it back whenever you have it.

Musings of a under-average-common-man…

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