It’s like Waiting for Godot

He looked at the building,
Being built block by block…
Each step took it closer to the top.
He waited patiently,
He waited persistently,
You can’t wait persistently,
That’s like saying he trotted along in a sprint.
Stop digressing.
He waited persistently as the building grew,
with different pieces coming together.
Wait, was he waiting patiently?
Or was he waiting persistently?
Because if he were to wait patiently,
He’d just wait.
If he had to be persistent,
He’d at least light a smoke.

He waited and waited.
He waited as he could not do anything apart from waiting.
He waited like he was waiting for Godot.
He waited and waited,
And then he waited a little more.

catastrophic theater waiting for godot

When the time was right,
The moment arrived.
His eyes sparkled and were lit up.
He then saw a miracle occur.
To his very surprise,
Not one, but two lines arrived and he yelled
“High Score on Tetris”

Ps:- His mother yelled, “Go to sleep, Shunky!”
He slept peacefully…


Questions Only


What is personal space?
When are you getting married?
Why do I have to respect your personal space when we are family?
When you aren’t married, yet, what personal space do you need?
What do you mean by mental energy?
How come you have the energy for everyone else in the world and have no energy when you’re at home?
Why do you have to hang out with friends at 2 in the morning when you have a home and can sleep at home everyday?
Why do you love spending time by yourself?
Why aren’t you offended?
Why is everything a joke for you?
Why do you have the audacity to talk about homosexuality to your parents?
What do you mean by you are seeing an older woman?
How dare you?
How stupid would you feel when in times of trouble, you expect friend to come for help and no one does?
What is your aim 5 years from now?
What in the Jahanum is Good Luck Chuck?
What do you mean by borderline freedom?
When did you last go to the temple?
Why do people who smoke and drink not seem like bad people to you?
Where do you find the guts to think of living by yourself?
How would we be a loving family if we stay separately?
What is promiscuous?
What is Necrophilia?
Why do you keep praising Cards Against Humanity?
Why would you take up a job that’s gives you a lesser pay?

Happy Teachers’ Day

10 things Bangalore comics   have taught me –
1. Sundeep Rao – If you’re too fast in talking on stage, you’ll learn it when you realize it and not when someone tells you to slow down. You’ll learn through time.
2. Sanjay Manaktala – You’ve got to pretend that every venue you’re performing at is the same. You have to do the exact same thing. Don’t forget the people on your way up, because these are the same people you’ll greet on your way down.
3. Praveen Kumar – Write more. If you are writing about dancing, then write all that you know about dancing.
4. Kanan Gill – Never copy jokes you Kevin-Hart-Wanna-Be-Looking-Bitch. Don’t take your material on stage.
5. Kenny Sebastian – You have to enjoy yourself Shunky. Stop giving excuses and go up there and enjoy yourself.
6. Ahmed Shariff – Never publisize yourself unless you have a following…
7. Vamsidhar Bhogaraju – You should know when to stop a joke and not keep going even if the audience got the joke.
8. Satish Perumal – Macha the day you lose you’re virginity….
9. Kritarth Srinivasan – Dude, tu itna fumble kyun karta hai yaar!
10. Biswa Kalayan Rath – You’re not funny. You should quit comedy.

Aaj Ke Dohe!

Kabira Honk na kijiye, Honking se kaan bajaye
Jo zyada honking kare, Uske kaan ke neechey do bajaye!

Agar purush ko purush pasand, aapka man kyun dukhaye…
Kya sambhav, kya nahi, yeh aaj tak kaun jaan paaye!

Kabira Tinder pe jo dikhe, sachai se hai pareh,
Do saal se login karke, ek bhi swipe na mila, Arrey!

Agar Kabira uttar bharat se dhakshin main sar khujaye,
Desh ke bahar aisa jo koi jaye, naak sabhi ka kataye,

Kehet Kabir Suno bhi saadon

Kabira dhyan deejiye, Auron se dil na dhukaye,
Apne man ki suniye, Duniya bhaad main jaaye!