Happy Teachers’ Day

10 things Bangalore comics   have taught me –
1. Sundeep Rao – If you’re too fast in talking on stage, you’ll learn it when you realize it and not when someone tells you to slow down. You’ll learn through time.
2. Sanjay Manaktala – You’ve got to pretend that every venue you’re performing at is the same. You have to do the exact same thing. Don’t forget the people on your way up, because these are the same people you’ll greet on your way down.
3. Praveen Kumar – Write more. If you are writing about dancing, then write all that you know about dancing.
4. Kanan Gill – Never copy jokes you Kevin-Hart-Wanna-Be-Looking-Bitch. Don’t take your material on stage.
5. Kenny Sebastian – You have to enjoy yourself Shunky. Stop giving excuses and go up there and enjoy yourself.
6. Ahmed Shariff – Never publisize yourself unless you have a following…
7. Vamsidhar Bhogaraju – You should know when to stop a joke and not keep going even if the audience got the joke.
8. Satish Perumal – Macha the day you lose you’re virginity….
9. Kritarth Srinivasan – Dude, tu itna fumble kyun karta hai yaar!
10. Biswa Kalayan Rath – You’re not funny. You should quit comedy.


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