Ok! I’m telling you a story…. Shh Shh! Here it comes.

There was once a family of Boondi Ladoos, who lived in a house with a pair of Chappals.
This pair of Chappals loved to go walking. They would wander about the house. They would be found a different location than where you left them the night before you went to bed. The Boondi Ladoo family was a big family of many boondis. They all lived together with other Boondi Ladoos in their place called ‘The Box’. Some of these Ladoo families had lost a couple Boondis when they were travelling. On an occasion a few would be taken out and only one or two of them would return back to ‘The Box.’

These Chappals were ….

Speaking of the Boondi Ladoos, one day….

The above paragraph is an attempt to make you smile. You, no one else, but you’re reading this wearing clothes, unless you’re completely naked. If that’s the case, then this is not for you. May I suggest you google CFMN, CMNF or Myntatara or something.

If you smiled and you think you can make a story from where I left off, do it. Don’t tell me.
Don’t write back, don’t share it. Make up a story and tell the next kid that you’re around. Not like a child molester. Don’t stalk kids. Hey! Don’t make those plans. Stop it.
Just stop it. The next time you want to tell your kids a story, some cousins are visiting and you want to tell them a story.

I once told my cousins a similar story and they were interested. They were 7 and 11. I thought I should put together the whole story but I forgot. So make one up.



There There!

I thought folks at Comedy Wagon were doing a fabulous job. Getting the biggest names in Comedy and working with them in one venue, at three stages, simultaneously. It isn’t easy at all, and to sell out most of these shows as House full!

But I then started reading a tweet here and there about how things weren’t organized well or how things should have been done in a particular manner. Not getting great seats, not able to meet the comics, not able to get access to all the shows. One tweet as you see below says what it says and I think to myself , Incredible.


First of all, There there!
Secondly even to think that a comedy festival being done for the first time will be hassle free, or even for the second time is being a bit unfair. I’d again like to say that folks at ComedyWagon did a fabulous job of working with the best.

Eventually the comics who performed and the response that was seen for the shows was enough to testify that the Festival was a success and here are a few questions that I think might pop up on loop.

Should you expect things to be done in an organized way?

Should you be tolerant if things aren’t going as smoothe as you expected?

Should you whine about things not being done well?

Should you open your eyes and see what goes in to pulling off a Comedy Festival?

Do you know where I’m going with this…

All Alone – Oh! The Joy To Be All Alone

Sometimes after a long hard day, you want to come back to a home where people can cheer you up. Be there for you.
People who tell you that “You are important to me.”. Family.


This is not my family. B.T.W It’s just someone, some image I found online. Sorry!

But if you’re a person who is comfortable being alone, it’s a cursed blessing. Because you want to come back to a home and be by yourself. You crave for time when no one’s around you. All alone by Lenny Bruce, once moved me and still continues to do so.

You’re secure about the fact that you’re alone, you ponder over the things that bother you.
You make choices and you rejoice in the choices you make.
You look back, you tell yourself, “the last time I was walking down this path, I was telling bye to a friend who I may never see again.”

To the people around you, people who love you, people who love spending time with you, you seem lost. You seem distant.
You seem arrogant and rude that you don’t seem to indulge in a conversation.
But this urge to just sit by yourself and be a person to me seems incorrigible.

I think anyone who watches a movie like Khamoshi, sitting down, with no reaction will not likely be the person that can understand what I’m saying.
Being by yourself is quite a beautiful thing.
So is being melancholic. There’s a word I haven’t used in a really long time.
Being sad, being truly sad is such a beatiful thing to experience that, you watch a movie that moves you and watch it many times over.

It’s hard to explain to the people around you, at times, somehow, being sad is how you recharge yourself.
I want to see what is my breaking point.
I want to remain tolerant.
I want to see at what point do I think, man I’m bored.

An artist, a liberal minded person and free-spirited human walked into a bar and they all had an evening of conversations that they all could relate to.
All I’m trying to say is that not all the time should you lift someone’s spirit.
Maybe they’re wanting to be alone.
I guess what I’m trying to say, it’s okay to be by yourself.
It’s okay to want to wander about in your bedroom thinking your not doing too well, or wondering if you are doing pretty good.


I’m gonna be fine. Trust me!

It’s okay. I’ll be fine.