All Alone – Oh! The Joy To Be All Alone

Sometimes after a long hard day, you want to come back to a home where people can cheer you up. Be there for you.
People who tell you that “You are important to me.”. Family.


This is not my family. B.T.W It’s just someone, some image I found online. Sorry!

But if you’re a person who is comfortable being alone, it’s a cursed blessing. Because you want to come back to a home and be by yourself. You crave for time when no one’s around you. All alone by Lenny Bruce, once moved me and still continues to do so.

You’re secure about the fact that you’re alone, you ponder over the things that bother you.
You make choices and you rejoice in the choices you make.
You look back, you tell yourself, “the last time I was walking down this path, I was telling bye to a friend who I may never see again.”

To the people around you, people who love you, people who love spending time with you, you seem lost. You seem distant.
You seem arrogant and rude that you don’t seem to indulge in a conversation.
But this urge to just sit by yourself and be a person to me seems incorrigible.

I think anyone who watches a movie like Khamoshi, sitting down, with no reaction will not likely be the person that can understand what I’m saying.
Being by yourself is quite a beautiful thing.
So is being melancholic. There’s a word I haven’t used in a really long time.
Being sad, being truly sad is such a beatiful thing to experience that, you watch a movie that moves you and watch it many times over.

It’s hard to explain to the people around you, at times, somehow, being sad is how you recharge yourself.
I want to see what is my breaking point.
I want to remain tolerant.
I want to see at what point do I think, man I’m bored.

An artist, a liberal minded person and free-spirited human walked into a bar and they all had an evening of conversations that they all could relate to.
All I’m trying to say is that not all the time should you lift someone’s spirit.
Maybe they’re wanting to be alone.
I guess what I’m trying to say, it’s okay to be by yourself.
It’s okay to want to wander about in your bedroom thinking your not doing too well, or wondering if you are doing pretty good.


I’m gonna be fine. Trust me!

It’s okay. I’ll be fine.


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