There There!

I thought folks at Comedy Wagon were doing a fabulous job. Getting the biggest names in Comedy and working with them in one venue, at three stages, simultaneously. It isn’t easy at all, and to sell out most of these shows as House full!

But I then started reading a tweet here and there about how things weren’t organized well or how things should have been done in a particular manner. Not getting great seats, not able to meet the comics, not able to get access to all the shows. One tweet as you see below says what it says and I think to myself , Incredible.


First of all, There there!
Secondly even to think that a comedy festival being done for the first time will be hassle free, or even for the second time is being a bit unfair. I’d again like to say that folks at ComedyWagon did a fabulous job of working with the best.

Eventually the comics who performed and the response that was seen for the shows was enough to testify that the Festival was a success and here are a few questions that I think might pop up on loop.

Should you expect things to be done in an organized way?

Should you be tolerant if things aren’t going as smoothe as you expected?

Should you whine about things not being done well?

Should you open your eyes and see what goes in to pulling off a Comedy Festival?

Do you know where I’m going with this…


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