Ok! I’m telling you a story…. Shh Shh! Here it comes.

There was once a family of Boondi Ladoos, who lived in a house with a pair of Chappals.
This pair of Chappals loved to go walking. They would wander about the house. They would be found a different location than where you left them the night before you went to bed. The Boondi Ladoo family was a big family of many boondis. They all lived together with other Boondi Ladoos in their place called ‘The Box’. Some of these Ladoo families had lost a couple Boondis when they were travelling. On an occasion a few would be taken out and only one or two of them would return back to ‘The Box.’

These Chappals were ….

Speaking of the Boondi Ladoos, one day….

The above paragraph is an attempt to make you smile. You, no one else, but you’re reading this wearing clothes, unless you’re completely naked. If that’s the case, then this is not for you. May I suggest you google CFMN, CMNF or Myntatara or something.

If you smiled and you think you can make a story from where I left off, do it. Don’t tell me.
Don’t write back, don’t share it. Make up a story and tell the next kid that you’re around. Not like a child molester. Don’t stalk kids. Hey! Don’t make those plans. Stop it.
Just stop it. The next time you want to tell your kids a story, some cousins are visiting and you want to tell them a story.

I once told my cousins a similar story and they were interested. They were 7 and 11. I thought I should put together the whole story but I forgot. So make one up.



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