Merry Christmas! (Go back to sleep)

I look at a star covering the bulb that lights up the verandah of a house, I think to myself, “Is it that time of the year, already?”

Merry Christmas!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun is it to ride….(You also don’t know the rest, Hey!)

This is the time of the year when the same things happen that happened every time Christmas happened :-

1. Recollect things I’ve done this year. A teary-eyed moment. So many things I’ve messed up.
2. Start planning for a bright 2016.
3. Watch a classic movie that makes you cry. Always.
4. Acknowledge Home Alone.
5. Skip watching Home Alone.
6. Send out Thank-you Notes, mentally.
7. Look at all your friends, planning parties and take a deep breath before you get into bed. You sleep longer than usual.
8. Snooze never seemed this awesome all year. Wait that’s not a point for you. Anyway, doesn’t matter, moving on.
9. Look at New Year Party invites and see which one is free.
10. New Year Resolutions. Nah! Still one or two. Maybe. Let’s see. I don’t want to Jinx it. 
11. Promise yourself that you will travel more in 2016.
12. Do a good gesture for someone who can’t afford it.
13. Spread the goodness everywhere.
14. Have late night conversations that last year this time we were having the same conversations about the last year this time when we were talking about… You get it.
15. Watch a movie that everyone else has been talking about but you’ve never bothered.

Home Alone

I’ve always slept for long hours during Christmas times. Yes, full 8 hours.
Merry Christmas guys! & a Happy New Year…. (fades into the mist)



It’s moments like these that make me smile. Not the fact that Miss Colombia was ‘miscrowned’ but the fact that she was graceful and managed to smile and not reveal the sheer disappointment in the moment. It’s not that Steve did it on purpose. You make mistakes. And Steve was pretty cool in stating that it’s an awesome night and not to hold it against the ladies. It’s going to be a mistake that will go down in History, probably the first of this magnitude.

I believe in time of peril a person’s true character is seen. I applaud Ariadna Gutierrez, and may I say how adorably hot she looks. I say adorable because, Sofia Vergara is cut out from the same cloth.

Now when you’re at that spot light and this happens and you manage a giggle, not a smile, not a fake laugh an giggle, you know she must be telling herself, “its okay! Everything happens for a reason.” She broke down later but even then did not show her disappointment. Now that is beautiful. I don’t follow pageants. I mean I rarely do. I used to watch it for the beautiful women but now I have something called the Internet so I don’t bother. Miss Philippines is probably wondering whether she can thoroughly enjoy her victory abstaining from petty thoughts

Harvey Jokes had to come. I’m sure you’ll read a dozen of them.

Somehow I think, Ariadna Gutierrez will benefit more from this in the time to come. Maybe even more than the winner. I’m damn near sure, Ellen DeGeneres will talk to her and she should. Maybe she’ll have her in the show too. I don’t know.

I’m just saying. Okay, I made my point. See you soon. I will keep writing for all four of you.


Question Only

Sometimes do you smile when you switch on the shuffle mode and the song that follows the current one was exactly what was running in your mind?
Do you let your siblings win sometimes, just so there can be peace at home? When was the last time you took a walk so far that you almost got impressed that you’ve come a long way? Who was the one kid in your class that you had internal jokes with about the rest of them?
Do you sometimes remember the very first thing your mother taught you as a kid? Was it the routine of brushing your teeth and washing yourself up? Have you watched Tamasha? Are you out of your mind?
Did you know that the most number of condom sales in the world happens on Fridays? Don’t you think that should be a fact?
What was the point of deferential calculus? Which one was tougher for you integral calculus or deferential calculus? Did you feel like they were brothers from the same mother too?
Were you a physics guy or a chemistry guy?
Did you omit civics to the most extent and only kept as an option when you could not answer one of history’s question?
Why did Moral Science have no value in the 12th?
Did you know that if you pass the ball to your team player in your half and he is closest to opponent goalkeeper, it is not off-side?
Have you ever tried the cycling kick? Was the thud to hard?
Do you look at your self 5 years ago and say you had no clue that you were this stupid?
Do you think you’ll say the same thing 5 years from now?
Do you remember being sick for the first time?
What do tigers dream of, really? Do you think we should divide the world into, people with sense of humour and the rest of the world?
Are these too many questions?