It’s moments like these that make me smile. Not the fact that Miss Colombia was ‘miscrowned’ but the fact that she was graceful and managed to smile and not reveal the sheer disappointment in the moment. It’s not that Steve did it on purpose. You make mistakes. And Steve was pretty cool in stating that it’s an awesome night and not to hold it against the ladies. It’s going to be a mistake that will go down in History, probably the first of this magnitude.

I believe in time of peril a person’s true character is seen. I applaud Ariadna Gutierrez, and may I say how adorably hot she looks. I say adorable because, Sofia Vergara is cut out from the same cloth.

Now when you’re at that spot light and this happens and you manage a giggle, not a smile, not a fake laugh an giggle, you know she must be telling herself, “its okay! Everything happens for a reason.” She broke down later but even then did not show her disappointment. Now that is beautiful. I don’t follow pageants. I mean I rarely do. I used to watch it for the beautiful women but now I have something called the Internet so I don’t bother. Miss Philippines is probably wondering whether she can thoroughly enjoy her victory abstaining from petty thoughts

Harvey Jokes had to come. I’m sure you’ll read a dozen of them.

Somehow I think, Ariadna Gutierrez will benefit more from this in the time to come. Maybe even more than the winner. I’m damn near sure, Ellen DeGeneres will talk to her and she should. Maybe she’ll have her in the show too. I don’t know.

I’m just saying. Okay, I made my point. See you soon. I will keep writing for all four of you.


2 thoughts on “Miscrowned

  1. I agree. Looks like Miss Colombia will benefit more from the situation. It’s just sad that Miss Philippines is underappreciated for her victory because of what happened and almost everyone makes her feel like she doesn’t deserve it.

    • Well. It’s like the silver lining that the Underdog gets. Not to say that Colombia was and underdog in anyway. She came second eventually. So that few seconds of victory takes prime spotlight.

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