“Look Ma’am Same Colours!”

I used to be a naughty kid. A brat. When I was in UKG and my brother was in 1st Standard, everyday during lunch I would meet his class teacher Ms. A.D. Beale. Since we in UKG wore coloured clothes and did not have uniform, I would point to a smidgen of colour on my clothes and do the same for Ma’am and say, “Look Miss Same Colour!”

She started calling me “Colours.” This woman was strict, had a warm heart and could tell when you’re lying. She was the best to have on your team and the worst if you’re playing against her. My first time on stage, I acted in a play as a girl. It was a play about two kids going to bed and their toys coming to life. Don’t I look pretty?


I was the cutest girl in school. It was a Boy’s School

I grew up in the school for 14 years, and all through my schooling life I’ve wished Ma’am, Good Morning to hear the words, “Good Morning Colours!” When I got trophies, I would be greeted with an approving smile that said “I’m proud of you!” There were times when my parents would have to struggle hard to make sure the school fees was paid and once due to the expenses, the consideration of changing schools came into my parents’ minds. However I’m told a few teachers told my parents that they would not let us go. Phew! That was close.

I moved out of school. I forgot to mention, I was am and will always be a Josephite. I got in college started working and got into the rigourous cycle of life to earn a living and do something I love.

I got on stage, became a comedian and started working at a place that was built for performances. Last night I walk into the Foyer of my Theatre to find myself in tears to see Ms. A. D. Beale, and hear the first word come out of her mouth. Colours!

What a moment. Over the last 2 years I’ve learnt how to meet and greet people, celebrities, loved ones. But how do you train yourself to meet someone who taught you how to move forward. How to be on time, be kind, sweet and be a good human being. I was touched. This is that moment.



And after I took the photo I told ma’am, “Look Ma’am Same Colours!”


It’s not even my cycle – The HandleBards

On April 2015, a group of actors came down from the UK to BangaloreThe HandleBards, travel in UK on cycles and perform Shakespeare with slapstick. They’re very Monty Python & they’re very good.

They came to Bangalore and wanted to use a cycle on stage and did not have one because of logic. They’re from UK, they’re in Bangalore and doesn’t make sense to carry a cycle to another country. I had a cycle that was my primary mode of transport for a while in the city, but I hadn’t used it for over a year. They used on stage and it was amazing to watch them on stage.


That’s them on stage, doing Macbeth!      (and that’s my cycle)

Let me give you a back story of the cycle. It’s not even my own cycle. I borrowed it from a friend to use to change not just jobs but fields of work, twice. This cycle got me from tech support, to copy writing, to working at a theatre and doing stand up. It got stolen once and later I found it. It’s been my partner in so many thoughts. I hadn’t used it for a year because I started to ride an electric bike and the cycle was used at the theatre for a while to run for odd errands. It stayed in the Theatre for a year.

A week ago, I decided to get my cycle fixed. I did not intend for it to be in the same week that were coming back to Bangalore. I got the cycle repaired. I mean I had the rear tyre changed, the chain replaced, the oiling done and got the cycle fixed.

The fist time I take the cycle out to go to an open mic in over a year. I reach Koramangla and just outside Coffee on Canvas, I get the instinct to take the inner route and not the main road to go to Claytopia, the venue for open mic. And at that junction who do I bump into, but The HandleBards, on the cycle that they used onstage when they were first came last year that was being used for the first time after it was on stage. Now to think about it that if I hadn’t taken that left I would have missed this moment.

Now this might not look like a huge co-incidence to you but I was getting this signal from the universe that I should not smoke up. Because if I was under influence and this would have happened, I would have taken off running and would not know what to do.