Oh my God! What am I going to do now?

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs,
The Three Stooges,
Buster Keaton,
Tom & Jerry,
The One in which Joey can’t speak French. (Yes that one.)
Dekh Bhai Dekh,
Whose Line is it Anyway?
The Honeymooners,
Bakra Qiston Pe,
Johnny Lever in Baazigar,
Rajpal Yadav in Hungama,
Amar_ Prem,
Who Dares Wins,
Takeshi’s Castle,
Super Agro Crag or is it Crack,
The Legends of Hidden Temple ,
Kenan & Kel,
That’s so Raven,
Small Wonder,
Key & Peele,
Govinda Dancing,
Old Mickey & Minnie,

Okay Now, I can go to the toilet at 2 am…
Phew, That was close!


Bangalore cyclist lands up in Hospital

Cyclist Shunky Chugani was recently rushed to a hospital when he took on someone he shouldn’t have taken on. It was a Wednesday evening and Shunky who uses a cycle as his primary mode of transport was returning home after a day of work and attending an open mic session at Bangalore’s very first open mic, Urban Solace, thinking about the trailer of Kapoor and Sons and how he is in the trailer, wondering if he can be seen in the movie.

He was cycling along the left side of the road cautiously and quietly. Suddenly this, white swift begins to honk. Shunky slowly raises his right hand to indicate that he has no place to go, and that the driver would have to overtake him on the right side.

The driver speeds ahead, stops the car and gets out the car and begins to yell.  Shunky started to explain that he had no place to go and that he was riding the cycle as close to the pavement as possible and that the honking at a cyclist is uncalled for.

The driver started abusing Shunky to which, Shunky in turn picked up his cycle and threw it on the driver. He fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. No! Sorry, wrong train of thought.

He went up the hill to fetch…Oops. Still wrong train!

Shunky was livid at the driver for firstly honking at him and secondly to abuse him when he stood his ground. The driver got up and wanted to carry his Swift to throw on Shunky but he could barely move the car’s body as he tried to lift it up.

The driver then took one good look and decided that he can be beaten to pulp just by his bare hands. He catches hold of Shunky and begins to punch him making him fall on the ground like he was a henchman. The driver then kicks Shunky and he lay unconscious. As soon as that happened, all the money that he was carrying at that point began to float in the air. All 21 rupees!

A blackout and fade in, standing outside CMH hospital, made Shunky realize that he’s playing way too many video games.

Also Shunky had this thought, that if it’s wrong to cycle on the footpaths of Bangalore, it’s inhuman to honk at a cyclist.

2012-07-26 10.49.04.jpg

Innocent Shunky Chugani attaches the wrong photo to the blog of him on the cycle. But he was on the side of the road. I swear!