Sorry! My bad

Here’s a small theory.
You’d agree that there are smart kids and dumb kids.

So that means there are children who make mistakes and learn from them and then there are chlidren who’d like to think they’ve not made a mistake in years.

So hypothetically if there’s someone who hasn’t made a mistake in 5 years, and someone who claims to have made multiple mistakes in 5 years and understands what his/her mistakes are and where he/she went wrong and learns from them, then my question is who would you want to hang out with at 3 in the morning?

I digress….

The Theory.

If there are two 5 year olds, and one of them thinks he is always right and one knows that he has made mistakes, then there should be a similar kind of segregation in 10 year olds and so on and so forth, there must be 65 year old people who think they’ve never made a mistake and there must be 65 year old people who’ve made mistakes that’s given them the experience of a lifetime?

Well my point is. I make mistakes. I’m apologetic about them but I make them.

Sorry! My bad.

Bad Theory! (Get back to work)


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