A country of closeted racists…

A country of closeted racists…
You hear that the country you live in has never invaded another country as long as the country has existed in various pieces.
You hear that the country you live in is known for hospitality. Athithi Devo Bhava!
You hear that the country you live in has the best National Anthem in the world.
You hear that the country you live in has varied heritage.
You hear that the country you live in has people who’ve excelled in their fields numerous times.

How can we be a country, known for hospitality when we’re now known for Racism? Sometimes racism against our own people!
How can we be a country that hasn’t invaded another country but has got offended and attacked individuals, group of people ethinic groups out of emoition?
How can we be a country that has the best National Anthem if we require vailadition of it from every individual?
How can we be a country that has varied heritage if we claim to get offended on the basis of wholesome Indian Culture?

My definition of Patriotism has changed over time. It has evolved.
I used to cry while stading for the National Anthem, or listening to a rendition of it by A R Rehman.
I used to think that my country is the best and I’m proud to be born in it. Today I stand corrected.

My Patriotism is not to seek validation.
My Patriotism is not to prove a point but to be welcoming.
My Patriotism is not to say that I will defeat you because out of the love for my country. I will beat you because of sportsmanship, healthy competition.
My Patriotism is not to teach a lesson in my culture to a visitor but to show him that we do treat our guests well. We mean well.
My Patriotism is blanketed for true humanity.


Wahi Lafda, Sssh! Kisi ko mat bolna

Year: 2023
Time: You decide
Location: Ditto

Voice: There was this one incident that I remember, a certain group of people were offended, by the portrayl of someone they considered their Gods! They said it was intolerable. They gave death threats and burnt huge dolls.

Kid’s voice: Like the dolls, Jeff Dunham has?

Voice: Yeah, but less budget. The Gaddha that’s there in Grand Ma’s house. Yeah? Take 6 of them and put them in the shape of a man and wear a kurta over that. Put the photo of the person that created the offence on that and that sums up the doll that was burnt.

Kid’s voice: I’ve heard about this earlier. Someone told me about this last year in 2022. They said it happened in 2006.

Voice: I remember it being in 2015.

Kid’s voice: Yes! They showed their outrage and the ones who did what they did were executed.

Voice: No! Not that I remember, hopefully.

Kid’s voice: Ins’t it Danish?

Voice: Stop talking about cookies. I wouldn’t mind a good cookie though.

Kid’s Voice: No, the story that you’re telling happened to Danish guy!

Voice: No! Indian guy. Well a bumch of them. One guy in particular.

Kid’s VOice: Well that’s sad.

Voice: Yeah, what’s even worse is, even in an imaginary voice in a blog you sound annoying.

Kid’s Voice: Don’t digress!

Voice: Before you do a segue, I better shut this post down.

Kid’s Voice: No……….